rivista anarchica
Year 29 no.251
March 1999


The staff Editorial / Notes "A" is looking for dealers. Want to help?
Maria Matteo The great fear of 1999 It's heavy air we are breathing, and the information hypertrophy contributes to it. But the data tells us that...
Giorgio Sacchetti Deeds & Misdeeds / Pier Carlo Masini, a profile for several voices
Cristina Valenti Theater / Living with the Living The exhibition Living with The Living was in Bologna from January 15 to February 20, after its first edition in Riccione last May.
*** Communiqués / Tam Tam Events, magazines, announcements...
Felice Accame A nous la liberté / Old heads and a new guilty conscience Two parliament members discovered, with a certain delay, that the Museo di Criminologia of Rome stores the head of Giovanni Passanante: an (possible) anarchist who attempted to the life of the king of Italy.
Francesco Berti Libertarian review / The sign of times "Errico Malatesta: a revolutionary (unfairly) forgotten". This is the title of a long article published years ago on the daily newspaper La Repubblica.
Elena Petrassi Libertarian review / Two books from the Algerian night
*** Art / An exhibition in memory of Marina This exhibition is not only an occasion to remember our "Marina from Como"; the money earned from the sale of part of the works will go to the libertarian press to which she contributed passionately.
Carlo Oliva

Discussion / Residual liberties Next install of the discussion about anarchism and liberalism that originated from Cristina Valenti's interview to Luce Fabbri ("A" 247). Carlo Oliva replies to the statements by Pietro Adamo ("A" 250). And the matter is still open.

Massimo Annibale Rossi Metropolitan hardship / We wanted the moon Do you remeber the interview with a social services operator from Buccinasco (province of Milan) that was published last summer? Well that operator and his co-workers have now been fired. He is here to explain how and why this happened.
Paolo Finzi De André / A copy of "A" in my pocket In the general (and quite suspicious) choir singing the death of the most famous author-singer in Italy, here is the voice of his anarchist friends and comrades.
Gianna Nannini De André / One day I'll pick up my motorbyke One of the most famous Italian rock singers talks about her friend De André.
Marco Pandin De André / Poems wearing music Rebel to any hypocrisy, De André tried to make light on the dark side of things. Against the myths and damages of moralism. "... The first great hardship for everybody is the moment of birth, when we have to pass from water to air. The next one is when we realize that our doom is to die. Somebody, then, experiences a third one: the unease of isolation..."
P.F. interviews Mauro Pagani De André / From Carimate to Genoa via Maghrib A long work of research on the Mediterranean sounds generated "Creuza de mä" and "Le nuvole". A conversation with one of the most interesting artists on the Italian musical scene, De André's co-worker and great friend.
P.F. interviews Alessandro Gennari De André / The new anarchy for 4 hands
Mauro Macario De André / The concert is just suspended "Fuck! What are you going to do military service for? It's all a bullshit, you gotta desert!"
Luciano Lanza interviews De André (1993) De André / Anarchists, poets and other folks Six years ago, after the succes of his "Le nuvole", the 3-monthy anarchist magazine "Volontà" interviewd De André. He explains - among other things - the roots of his anarchism.
Massimo La Torre Discussion / Beyond the history of anarchism On the previous volume, Franco Melandri interviewed Giampiero "Nico" Berti about his recent book about the anarchist thought in centuries 18th to 20th. This time we have contributions by Massimo La Torre and Salvo Vaccaro.
Salvo Vaccaro Discussion / Anarchy? No, thanks


English translation by Marco Cimarosti