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about the Parcel bombs


Functional to the power

César, the boy from the explosion that hit the embassy in Chile on December 23, is an activist of a popular bicycle store in Rome. The parcel bomb in the embassy instead were claimed by a mysterious anarchist symbol. This type of action has nothing to do with the ideas and practices that we know of all the anarchists, who operate openly (even if they spend a lot less media attention), and believe that no flag, no harm to any ideology or divided the right to violate another person's life. We endorse the statement said by fellow César which we describe more fully underneath: who sent the explosives parcel is "some" scirocco "convinced to pursue a revolutionary ideal or, as often happens, some piece of power that will respond well to student mobility and the crisis of the political system. Or perhaps both things." We add that these attacks regardless of who is responsible or they maneuver through undercover, executors, repeat every time it is functional to the construction of a useful bogeyman public, pointing (as in the days of Sacco and Vanzetti, as in the times Square Fontana, Pinelli and Valpreda, but also now in the "eco-anarchists") in a movement, such as the anarchist and libertarian, that still represents one of the few ideas of radical change that remained standing in the world..

Matteo Podrecca, Eduardo Olmi, Francesco Albino, Tommaso Regazzo

A new world
nonviolent and free

The Chilean boy wounded by letter bomb is César. A comade and a friend involved with the experience of passion popular Ciclofficina of the Ex Lavanderia. We discovered it today. Of a sudden, for us, the natural compassion for an injured person is no longer tempered by anonymity. Behind this story of international importance there is a person that we know as the face and voice. Now Cesar is in hospital, with two fingers less and we are angry. We do not know who sent the packages of explosives in the embassies of Chile and Switzerland some "stupid" convinced to pursue a revolutionary ideal or, as often happens, some piece of power that intends to respond to student mobilization and the crisis of the political system. Or perhaps both things. The fact is that those cowardly hits the pile, for any reason to do so, often affecting the "poor bastards", people who work to survive even in a country that is not theirs or that, as in this case, devote time and passion social activities for a better world. 'The Ex Lavanderia Association is now close around César which hope to return soon with us and with strength and courage to face his injuries. Even more to affirm the idea of a new nonviolent and truly free world.

Associazione Ex Lavanderia

Against acts
of indiscriminate violence

I fully agree with the idea that anarchism and libertarian movements should give a strong way against acts of indiscriminate violence that occurred a few days ago with sending letter bombs.
I know one of the people directly affected, the young Chilean César, who is an activist of People's Social Centre Ciclofficina "Ex Lavanderia" in Rome.
César was not just "wounded" by parcel bomb, as it was written. César was mutilated.
The last time I met him in Ciclofficina, while working, was listening to a song by Victor Jara, Chilean singer-songwriter who in the military coup of the dictator Pinochet was inflicted torture and abuse and, before killing him, smashed the bones of both hands.
I wonder if who hit César knows Victor Jara and his tragic end. I wonder what the difference between maim in the name of the hands of fascism and wearing a uniform and doing it instead usurping the name of anarchism.
I can not keep quiet as a companion, as part of writing as a Libertarian and militant Critical Mass in Rome. From different individualities and different associations I am asked "what about the anarchists of what has happened?"
Personally I agree with both the release of the "Ex Lavanderia" is the reflections (which follows) that other comrades have proposed a possible our press. And I invite everyone to subscribe for or comment on them.
An embrace libertarian


Pietro Masiello

ps: one of the last initiatives of César Ciclofficina, held on October 17 last, was a bike rally in North Rome, at the launch of the campaign on " zero consumption of ground" in Rome. Do you know where we wanted to symbolically start the process? Errico Malatesta's house in Heroes' Square.