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Behind the Covenant of Legality
by Giorgio Bezzecchi

We continue to regard the Roma and Sinti as a social problem, to be treated with special laws and regulations. The allegation of a Roma that has always been involved in defense of their people rights.


During 1800 were developed (in Europe) the first racist theories, which led to gaining final solution to the gypsy problem (Himmler's Decree dicembre1942), resulting in the deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau. In the night between late July and early August 1944, all Roma and Sinti of Zigeunerlager were "gassed. " Were eliminated and consequently to false coarse pseudo scientific research, certifying that the Roma and Sinti have a gene, the gene of nomadism, the instinct of nomadism, the Wandertrieb. The Roma and Sinti protagonists of a historical tragedy means “Porrajmos”, genocide, half a million Roma and Sinti, amounts collected by default, exterminated in Nazi concentration camps as born gypsies.
The "Porrajmos" hit all the Roma and Sinti in Europe, including my community, the Italian fascists, after an initial survey on the national territory, deported gypsy families in the kingdom in the concentration camps, among them there were also my parents, who were deported to the concentration camp of Tossiccia in Abruzzo, which fortunately survived. Did not survive my grandfather, who was deported to Birkenau, and my aunt, also deported to Birkenau, survived, has also suffered from the experiments of Dr. Mengele (head doctor at Birkenau), and then returns, as my father says, "a bit 'strange'.
Dr. Mengele, the angel of death, loved to do experiments on Gypsy children, probably those experiments were designed to see if we could repopulate certain areas occupied or flesh out the German population after losses at the front, a genocide, thousands of Roma and Sinti families exterminated, "the Porrajmos", the "Desecration". We do not want to impose our protagonist or an ownership claim on what was for us, "Porrajmos"the "Desecration", certainly understand the importance and difficulty of being able to speak.
In Italy most of the Roma and Sinti, today, take the term "vulnerable groups", including those who have plunged the continuing evictions, usually in Milan in more complete degradation.
Currently, through the Order of the Berlusconi government (Ordinance No. 3677 of May 30, 2008), to deal with the state of emergency in relation to the presence of nomadic communities in the Region of Lombardy, and in accordance with art. 1 letter c of the aforementioned Ordinance, has established a real "ethnic" archive, parallel to the civilian, at the Prefecture, with a clear violation of constitutional rights of equality before the law and with the risk of discriminatory use of collected data. He's said little, few were as responsive institutions, with a high risk of an institutional intervention differential is discriminatory, based on distinguishing between "ethnic". To understand the complexity of the process, but we must go back to December 2006, with the imposition of a legal and social pact, proposed by Don Colmegna (House of Charity) and adopted by Letizia Moratti, which objectively, beyond function of the transitional administration of this or that settlement, presents the Roma and Sinti as a "social problem"to be considered and treated as an exceptional and derogatory instruments.
In fact, if the intent of some of the proponents, the pact would trigger a virtuous circle, combining operations with those of law of solidarity, to the point be proposed by the European Commissariat Frattini as a model for Europe, in fact it marks a qualitative leap forward, giving the Roma community as associali groups particularly exposed to delinquency. The Covenant, that is, violates some fundamental constitutional principles because it addresses an individual person but a collective entity, in which only common denominator is ethnicity.
At the demagogic joins the humiliation of good people, criminals, such as they are, I will sign no worries and will continue to be delinquent, the honest, the sign continues to be such, except that their dignity is trampled upon.

Giorgio Bezzecchi

The Rom flag on the flagpole

Luxembourg, 15 to 17 September 2006. The flag (yet it moves - in motion Nevertheless, from 2002 to 2006 nylon fabric, 900 x 600 cm) was exposed on the main yard of the country where usually flies the flag of Luxembourg, which is lowered only when there is a state visit of a representative of another nation, when it is replaced with one of the host country.

The flag has been raised the three-day weekend that coincided with the opening of the retrospective exhibition, anywhere at home (At home everywhere, Überall zu Hause), Luca Vitone.

It summarizes the design of two flags, the anarchist and the one representing the Roma and Sinti people. A red wheel on a black background, expression of an idea of nomadism libertarian who says the desire to move freely between the places we live.

Luca Vitone