Rivista Anarchica Online

to the readers

Here we Are

Best wishes. On second thought, anniversaries are only conventions. You might pass over in silence - from the birthdays of people - and nothing would happen. Or maybe yes, you lose some 'of the consciousness of time passing (and running) that ultimately gives us a bit' the very meaning of existence. So it is with "A", who wanted to - this time - mark this anniversary with force, offering (what "giving" someone will say, this time forced to pay 10 euro!) to its readers - and, hopefully, also to someone new - the magazine of 260 pages. What's inside, it has already been said in the editorial of the last issue and is summarized here in the back cover. We limit ourselves to only a hint of what is not there. Besides the written (but Fabio Santin, the usual anarchist, rather than a paper has seen fit to send us a drawing) that we asked about seventy friends and associates, many are missing that we have not asked to a significant number of other friends and companions. And we have not asked them not because they are "second class", but simply because we would not have had the opportunity to publish them in this issue. The number which - despite the price increase - was born as a "crazy" by economics and remains so. And at the beginning it was assumed that ten people would be involved. Then gradually as the preparation of the number progressed, there was spontaneous, involve other people, then another. At some point, stop: who was there was there. We then wanted , in addition to the covers of the (first) 358 issues of "A", to include those of the other things (CDs, DVDs, dossiers, etc..) issued by us in recent decades, especially in the last ten years, in total at least 40 "products" through which we brought forward the issues of "A", often reaching much wider public than those achieved by the magazine alone (printed and online).

Confirmation. The "we are here" of the title can therefore be read as meaning "the time has come", "here we are with the announced big special number." But also - and we like to emphasize this second reading - as a confirmation, little more than whispered that despite the difficulties of any kind that characterize our era, while deafening noise of the big media crush in a corner the small like us, despite all this our modest monthly event (9 times per year) continues to repeat itself and - as it will be possible - will be repeated for much longer.
On our pages you can also see so many authors and readers who don't call themselves anarchists and often just aren't, but there is here still a free space to deal with many issues with a libertarian cut.
To all we reaffirm our commitment and we ask for confirmation of your commitment to pursue with rigor and seriousness this beautiful editorial adventure. Thanks 2616 times.