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En recuerdo de Nerio Casoni

With a few weeks of delay we received the ungrateful news of the death of our comrade Nerio, which took place in Bologna on 26 August 2010.
For anarchists from different places in this region of the world in recent years the figure and the contact with Nerio had become familiar since he began traveling between different countries by establishing a communication with collective action and libertarian initiatives who now return to bloom in continent, covering the brave task of putting us in touch and anarchic movement in Europe, especially with the Italian-speaking area.
Recently, this relationship with Latin America had become intense with Venezuela, and especially with Cuba
In early 2010, Nerio Casoni had been in this country for several weeks, with the responsibility of being the first activist of the international anarchist movement to be present on the island after fifty years, to support and participate in the efforts to rebuild from libertarian expressions to and from Cuba
Those of us in Cuba and Venezuela, has had the opportunity and the chance to meet Nerio, will never forget his friendship, nor to what we have learned with him any of that silent but very important work that led forward for us. That the earth is mild for a free man!

Taller Libertario Alfredo López” (Cuba)
Colectivo Editor de El Libertario (Venezuela)

(thanks to Arianna Fiore for the translation from Spanish)
Translation by Enrico Massetti ("The other Fabrizio" + "Pinelli-Piazza Fontana")


D'Addario victim? / Replica

I thank the two readers of “A” (Valentina Galasso and E.V., in Cas.Post.17120 last number) for their comments to my paper “L’altra” (“A” 356, Ottobre 2010).
With this article I tried to express what the story of Patrizia D'Addario, followed an innate interest, a glimpse of me without the intention of demonstrating some assumptions.
I played it from the one that struck my eye, moving to speak publicly. I agree with Valerie when Galasso describes as a "risky" my (?) Hypotheses: but it is risky to look, not the supposed case. I also agree with E.V. when appointing the "emotional transport by which judgments are accompanied." But the agreement is not for me on the same plane.
I do not deny the emotion - empathy I feel I call it - and I do the math. Subject to use the accounts for the transforming force, sometimes even creative, their return with what is expected if crowding and make it happen that something unexpected: carat weight gain which I consider valuable than the ineffectiveness of the logic of transformative politically correct or, in other words, the consistency of a pre-seen model, at times even imagined.
I let myself be surprised by this woman and I wanted to listen to her from her lips. I imagined that a little she "pulled it", that she cared to look: this has not been. I knew her personally and in relation to a political proposal - the meeting in Lugano - and she immediately accepted. Please note: I do not own either of newspapers or television networks and do not work for any media monopoly, I write - there are no brackets - on "A". That surely must mean something (not pure anarchist but certainly at least of libertarian vein) if she, Patrizia D'Addario, does the freedom of being in the world with what she finds and putting her own. Steering a middle course, not be all or part of the victim, nor in that of the persecutor.
I do this: Anno Zero not only has provided hospitality - and she offered it to him in turn accepting. In the aftermath of revelations about parties at Palazzo Grazioli, the first interview in Italy has made Ida Dominijanni the Manifesto, followed by other appearances: Gad Lerner of the Infedele, to 7 with Lilly Gruber, in Vanity Fair in the same number, mostly the resignation of the Tg1 Maria Luisa Busi and I suppose others which I do not know.
I know however the cover of Panorama (Mondadori Group) dedicated to: The pupa and puppeteers with a repeated journalistic style common to and with the mafia the powers. Question (mine and rhetoric) is the power within the mafia or the mafia inside the power? Answer (mine and not rhetoric): the two are all in a perpetual hug. Wrapping the person of Patrick D'Addario. in a plot in which she was made aware tool for political opponents of the boss, the paranoia to power is the adage that the essence of the status quo.
I insist not to have drawn up the following thought: D'Addario has made inroads, but I thought of giving words to what I feel in these terms: it has opened a breach in the walls of the Palace: no place "of the politics of high levels" as Valentina Galasso writes, but of power, which is not the same as politics.
I gladly accept - here and now small part by an article in relation to the comments related to it, but also elsewhere, and then - the call to recognize the need for EV question "on the mechanisms of the imaginary and the Power [...] also, and especially [those that are] part of our thinking. " Meaning that from now on this side of the imaginary are the practical mechanisms and mediation of human symbolic living.

Monica Giorgi
(Giubiasco – Svizzera
Translation by Enrico Massetti ("The other Fabrizio" + "Pinelli-Piazza Fontana") )

Anticlerical meeting 1 / Botta ...

Dear Francesca,
thanks for the beautiful presentation of the Association for the sbattezzo and rich display of the meetings you did anticlerical ("A" 356. October 2010, “Dossier anticlerical meetings ”by Francesca Palazzi Arduini) .. This long experience has been, thanks to its transversal nature, one of the most important has gone through over the last thirty years, the anarchist and anti-clerical movement. Transversality that has never failed until the end of the experience itself.
I'm sorry that your impression (perhaps more than an impression) was a kind of appropriation of the "brand" of the Association by the FAI, which took place, according to you after the meeting in Bologna '99. Many comrades of the Federation have gradually joined the Association for sbattezzo meetings and contributed to drafting anti-clerical organization as well as its theoretical elaboration. I think, for example, Rosanna and Enrico of Senigallia, Paola of Trieste, Marina of Livorno, to me, Walter, Mariella and Massimo of Milan, Francesco of Rome and I overlook to mention that many and many others. But neither the 'brand' of the Association for the sbattezzo, as you call it, nor the logistics of the anticlerical Meetings have never been "taken over" by the Italian Anarchist Federation. Until the end of this experience within the Association and also the latest initiatives comrades were active as Marina and Fabio, Chiara Gazzola, Pippo Gurrieri, Federico Sora, Gigi of Macerata that have never been of the FAI. Not to mention the comrades and fellow of Libera of Modena (non-FAI) and of Piombino (FAI).
 Another thing that interests me to add concerns, specifically, the Meeting held in Bologna in 1999. The Meeting, opened by a full pages of "Heart" dedicated to the Association for sbattezzo entitled "baptize a child is circumvention of incapable", is characterized, on Saturday 3 July, with the session, organized and curated by the Network of anarchist women who had the title: "Women against fundamentalism: the control of religion on women, reproductive freedom, abortion, violence inside and outside the family and rape" also participated Melita Richter (sociologist from Trieste) with a report on fundamentalism and nationalism in the Balkans. The morning of Sunday, July 4 was dedicated to the memory of Marina Padovese and Joice Lussu.
 I conclude by taking up one aspect of this experience that I think you have learned very well and that has left so much to me personally. Each year we find ourselves with our own and our children a bit 'bigger. Daughters and sons to which we have tried to give, through this adventure, a critical reality. Maybe we did.

Tiziana Montanari
Translation by Enrico Massetti ("The other Fabrizio" + "Pinelli-Piazza Fontana")


Anticlerical meetings 2 / ... And response

Dear Tiziana,
thanks for the precious memories, you're right, FAI has always been at the meeting, who wants to question that? ... And in the Association for Sbattezzo, mine was only a clarification with respect to the commitment to the next meeting of Fano the organization, of which, you will agree, as seen through the eyes of mine and many other ex-leaders, is devoid of many of those with other companions, and instead sees a strategic commitment of FAI comrades, however, to keep open the Association (which even they wanted to dissolve for having "reached the statutory purposes") work even harder while not taking formal positions . Why see a problem or a misprint?
Apart from the speech on FAI, we ask why the association is gradually emptied of contents, and especially could not understand the changes occurring in the social and political order to make a useful anti-clericalism, in fact, politically (as in as found by a little 'rhetoric of the card against mandatory religious treatment, some pretty politically but irrelevant), while Uaar bound instead (in my opinion wrongly) the sbattezzo to anti-religious propaganda ... that in Italy you can not do more is well known.
We should do more to propose, stakes, fast, challenge, but there, as always (and we know we feminists, n'est pas?) the urgency of material life, the attacks on labor, environment, personal freedom force us to keep the issue of freedom of thought, it seems a paradox, and sexuality, is incredible, one step back compared to the daily struggles. Prosit?

Francesca Palazzi Arduini
Translation by Enrico Massetti ("The other Fabrizio" + "Pinelli-Piazza Fontana")



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