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Minihistory of the
anticlerical meetings

by Francesca Palazzi Arduini


The claim of the priest: introduction to the meetings

The anticlerical meeting has represented for many years a landmark in the battle for the Italian respect for cultural diversity and freedom of thought. This policy strongly suppressed in the habitat by the presence of the Vatican, the dome so effective in terms of conditioning to ensure that our country is still very backward in many aspects in the recognition of civil rights much more than in other European countries.

A story of self-management and challenges of provocation and repression, chaos and creative meeting place from which was born in 1986 also the first version of organized protest against the use of faith for political purposes: the Association for the Sbattezzo.

It was from that moment that baptism, this "white card" handed over to the Church, was reported collectively as a source of misunderstanding, because who was baptized Catholic was considered in all respects "Catholic" by the hierarchy is functional for the submission of a mass movement in politics.

A story of cultural and political insights: with the renewal of a term, "anticlerical," which would allow us to make criticism of religion itself and not the "faith" but the institutions and roles that use and abuse it.

The story of the meeting since the 80s and ends at the turn of 2000 and has thousands of participants, in the meantime many things have changed.

Yet thanks to our modest work the term "anti-clerical" was released from the dusty folders and has acquired a new dignity. The profession of a priest is one of the most controversial of the world, and has an aura all its ambiguity, sometimes similarities with that of the military who is this person who is put at the head of a flock of the faithful? It is not a theologian, to whom we can hold to account the experience of thinking and research on faith, not even a brother or Monaco, who chose to follow his path of faith in his inner journey. The priest is a figure plural term, the profession of religion, whose characteristics are defined and indefinable.

Whether it is the priest-manager of a missionary priest of the village, is on investment that has made him a monarchical-hierarchical structure that the faithful are called to rest, so that often they are more confident about this investiture in the existence of "the kingdom of God", as highlighted by recent events. Yet, in our patriarchal society, these men with the power to confess the sins of others and to advise on what they have never lived, they are very influential, but as professional politicians, often seem born learned, without experiencing and want to orient, condition without knowing.

The anticlerical meeting did not want to be ideological or personal attacks toward religion, rather than have stressed the religious professions is a loss for freedom of conscience. Besides, some priests (still in charge!) attended the same meeting ...

Our civil discourse, first, from the roots and libertarian feminists, and the power - caste - has exploded in the politics then and now is in vogue, as if it were speech again! Just as the professional politician, the professional poet, or, as would the hermit professional Wislawa Szymborska, the clergy plays a burnt paper still in the game of renewal: these wetlands, this being chosen from a closed facility, oligarchic , separate (holy) places still evil in the modern game, with that line up continuously against everything that is not closed within its horizon, and while having to negotiate with those who allow this to continue to sustain the hierarchical structure .

States, first of all, dictatorial or not, and the economy, unfair, crazy, cruel, but still a harbinger of the charge of religion, ... the salary of the priest. From decay, now total, save face only religion whose ministers are not directly supported by the faithful themselves, or in which the doors are open to changes, such as breaking the lock on the recognition of the patriarchal feminine.

Margot Kässman, head of the German church pastor, resigned in early 2010, soon spread the news that had been found positive at the alchool test. Pope Ratzinger, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in all the years in which the Vatican has advised the bishops to denounce the pedophile priests to the court calendar at the time of this writing is still struggling on his bench, to support the theory that, even with an incidence in the clergy of about six per cent, pedophilia is just a hiccup.

Not only that, while the hierarchies pulling the wool over your eyes to the press on the pedophilia issue with the promise of improbable "collaboration" with the justice of men, "the website of God, known, official documents confirming the pedophilia as a crime against morality (as in the old Italian code rape) and the absolute dependence of offenders by divine justice, which is headed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Often our work as critical to the structure of the Italian Catholic Church, was attacked as aggressive, or controversy of all the others who have argued in recent years the battles of secularism have been accused of "secularism" in the sense of being ideological aggressive, intolerant. We speak, for example, of Paolo Flores d'Arcais, in his "Ethics without faith," or March Enzo, Giorgio Bocca, Alessandro Galante Garrone, Vito Laterza, Paolo Sylos Labini, pointed out as fierce secularists for being allowed to remember the basic concepts of liberal bourgeois democracy.

"The principle of the modern state, the one who saved Europe from the wars of religion and has guaranteed freedom of worship, is the distinction between law and morality," write the secular Manifesto in 1998, and end up in the cauldron of the "eater" in whom they thought dead only "anticlerical." We can not wait to do battle for change and be welcomed by those who live on the other hand, stagnation, it is expected, if anything, to be charged with "resisting the police" when it is repaired by the blows of the baton.

Now we have reached a time when those who own the newspapers (and "Il Giornale" - Silvio Berlusconi) can afford the luxury of publishing articles that theorize Wikipedia useless as too "secular," just because there are many items published unwelcome to fundamentalists.

Returning to the meeting: in fact, ours can be considered a social service, a political gift, useful to Catholic believers, a lone voice who has simply dared to say clearly what many believers themselves, they think. That should change. That a freer society requires different shapes. That the claim of the priest, to repress their sexuality thinking they are angels, to be assessed. That the claim of the priest, to do homilies condemning reality that has never met, is vain. That the claim of the priest, to be separated from the laity and their immune from justice, has become unpopular and hated because of the many crimes remain hidden and relapsed.

Dropping these claims, in today's time, in which there is a political class that wants to openly whoremongers traditionalist in religion and in morals, the clergy knows he has no more protection, as in any dictatorship (but this is different because it uses new and most pervasive mass media), its weaknesses will be used with even fewer scruples of a time for silence on sensitive issues, however useful in tasks and obedience to the "social cohesion", that is, the profit of the few.

So, if you want to survive without problems, the clergy must become subject to a new owner and look for new allies. But in the name of what? Its very survival. In this meeting the anti-clerical political criticism, even when the spores of the former Christian Democrats were just germinating and the clergy had his party, has seen far away, under the current falls. And not giving in to "spiritualist" temptation namely providing opinions on the rate of this or that Christianity encyclical of this or that cardinal. O yearning and mythologized the "alternative" priest, the stone of the scandal, he preaches and is "different" but not ever directly criticizing his superiors.

While the story of the meeting we have today is a staggering an 'annual gathering of three or more days of a national, held in public areas, without sponsors or black funds. Today we use social networks to coordinate and get off hard in the streets, day after day, against increasingly dense maneuvers that reduce society to an Orwellian spectrum: authoritarianism, media misinformation, rights erased in the name of total subservience to the power lobby, freedom of speech, which costs a lot of people very serious violence, often hidden.

Often temporary and virtuality, intolerable aura of new leaders, we defeated before you start. In the 80s and 90s we have been able to meet up for long in a tangible structure, open and even friendly, and ask ourselves what we could still hope to do for and not just against, even not knowing what life would be our utopia in the face of proposals defeat of the party-form, the persistence of neutral models (read male) of these utopias, the decay of sociality in the face of popular commercial, with all the necessary abandonment of the paradigms of trust in the beginning of the third millennium led.

Ah! Know, know ... we could better focus our "for". For a free read critically female dominant male models, caricatures of femininity is still much in vogue. To dispel the stereotypes conformers, the lie that without religion there was no credible ethics (and humanity), the tale of "nihilism" of non-religious schools of thought.

I refer to the dance of the 'destructive hedonism "of those who do not believe, first of its built by Joseph Ratzinger, Sir Bliss of these decades, which has tended to interpret psychoanalysis as a theory of unlimited pleasure, confusing politics of capitalist consumption with the politics of sexual liberation, plus attacking the theories of sexual difference and gender as being indistinct and chaos, and it is these differences and shed light on the human ability to penalize or to enhance culturally.

First of all, women like Irigaray, which exposed the lie once and for all of the speech "neutral" in fact men. And then Judith Butler, with his reflections on the construction of sexual identity. Massimo Recalcati writes in his "In Praise of the unconscious" in its defense of this object that "has its own ethical rigor and its own grammar," and that in recent years seems to have disappeared in the 'unification of psychology and the commodification desire,

In the same way as Copernicus and Darwin had contributed decisively to inflict humiliation two fundamental narcissism of the man who considered himself the master of the world ... The third Freud inflicts humiliation and thinner. No longer the center of the universe (cosmological humiliation), or it can boast a divine origin (biological humiliation), man can not even be "master in his own house" (psychological humiliation) ... I think we should commend the psychoanalysis on this point, because in this frustration of human narcissism has produced a critical culture that is opposed to any unilateral emphasis on man and his powers Approaching an ethic of tolerance and respect for the reasons of ' more.

And of narcissism, in this current tele-dictatorship elegant Popes and politicians-celebrities, we know something.
But how much it costs, to a Catholic culture that challenges the policies of the "Party of Love" Berlusconi (the one which says that reveals those differences produce disagreement and creates "hate") to recognize that the Premier has hijacked the rhetoric of the Good, the which, to flatten the conflict and silence the dissenters, both the clergy had worked?

And when Italy will be shut down in the smash on the relationship between religion and sexuality, revealing its procreative matrix, rising from the narrow spot of penance in which centuries of maceration and phobias have blunt?
Sergio Quinctius, theologian and mystic, wrote in his "Mysterium iniquitatis" which will be the last pope, he repeated the name of Peter II, to fall at the intersection of the arms of St. Peter's Basilica, after leaving to posterity his reflections on the need for Christians to truly believe in the prophecy of the resurrection of the flesh, that stopping to consider the sacrifice on the cross of their God as the final salvation of their religion, but really believing that all the material things of the earth, at the end will be returned to them intact.

This dogma is terrible and incomprehensible to the believers themselves, reveals the Quinctius hyperbolic matrix with his religion, rejecting the ambiguous pleasure of the denial of the clerical body, escapes from the Byzantine and abstraction of theology Ratzinger, demanding perhaps for Christianity a different path, seeking a reconciliation with the earthly world and a faith that really speak with the fear of death. End of hierarchy or dangerous mutation in a totalitarian faith and even less tolerant of secularism? There will be no way to discuss it.

Last but not least, a mention for all those who, although not mentioned in this brief text, the intent informative and unpretentious historical studies, have been present at meetings year after year Fano, breeders like me of the "core" of laborers, with their capacity, the sacrifices and hard work, the jokes, tangible proof of the feasibility of social utopias that we choose. (1).

One of the first articles on sbattezzo
out in the national press, The Express 1986

From bell to the beaches, a city in miniature

To introduce the history of the meeting phenomenon we should mention its own peculiar habitat.
Fano is a small provincial town bordered by a tranquil sea, the Adriatic.

Le Marche, an essential part of the Papal States for a time, remain in common places veiled by a certain aura collar, so he used to say "better dead in a house that Marche at the door" with reference to the fact that many of the papal tax collectors were from Marches. Pope Clement VIII, born Ippolito Aldobrandini, who signed the death sentence for Giordano Bruno, was born in Fano.

Bell towers, churches, houses of flying that Madonna, miraculously, the clouds settle in the hills of Loreto ... the rural landscape green and blue fades down towards the sea.

Just Fano, a place of confluence of the old consular road Flaminia with the sea (and now the A14), has a wealth of culture, ironically, used to trade jokes with money and those who arrived from Lazio and Umbria to the coast or those who arrive there. The old and never found the "Temple of the Goddess Fortuna" was definitely the pit-stop for people who pay you to travel for business.

Together with Viareggio, the city is one of the cradles of the paper mache art, and has the oldest carnival in Italy, whose "baby" historic, tail burned each year in the festivities, called "Vulón", ie one who features, and marks the irrepressible sense of provincialism, the pantomime of the nobles, the gentry and the rampant that in the same city from the countryside and chased the comforts and renown town and various jokes ever, methodically, the newcomer.

Custodian of the influences of the Napoleonic descent, akin to the irony of the Romagnolo Pesaro's Rossini and Fellini, "Fanum" (in fact, "temple"!) exerts an underground contagious sense of irreverence and wit, so much so that even the name of its pebble beach "Saxony", can not but laugh when we think that a large part of tourism Fano is German. The soul is long dormant pagan, drugged perhaps by centuries of clerical management - middle-class city, where everything takes place between canonical and cities, including the mayor, the notary, the bishop and priests in the country.

Reading Tombari Fabio (2), Fano famous writer in the thirties (he was one of the dolphins Knopf), can help to understand the life of this city, a microcosm of proto-Fellini characters that are always a bit 'cartoons. Those who have read about the history of the Papal States will not ignore one of the most striking facts, said "the outrage of Fano, held according to the chronicles in 1537, when the son of Pope Paul III, the feared and debauched Pier Luigi Farnese, pitfalls and raped the young Bishop of Fano Cosimo Gheri. What better place to rekindle the anti-clerical sentiments, both of which the non-believers ... minor clergy?

From the rooms to the square: we come out in the open air

The tradition of anarchic and libertarian Marche has left its trace in the city, yet in the 80s for the cultural activities of the Club Papi Napoleon (3), who ran his small but fully equipped office downtown in cohabitation with the feminist groups. Here we meet anarchists active in trade unionism, the anti-militarists (the law governing conscientious objection to military service was in 1972 and even before many anarchists refused to perform military service and dress uniforms and ended up in jail) they sell books of small publishers: The Torch of the historic (4) of Dubrovnik, known for its anti-clerical pamphlet anticipation of what was then the Millelire of Alternative Press, the Anti-State issues, such as monthly magazines in the anarchist magazine, the weekly Humanity Nova (a true weekly format similar to a newspaper, without hidden financing ...) printed in Livorno by the Italian Anarchist Federation. I'll Have to check the club have changed the mood of conservative citizens, those moods and those powers that already in the 70s with the arrival of Adele I, (5) at the time of the battles for the divorce, were unleashed in the newspaper Il Resto Carlino's tirades in shades ... hell.

We are in the 80s and is about to enter the scene, as non-aggression pact between church and state, the New Arrangement, which will enable the Church to collect the famous Eight per thousand income tax, but does not yet make provision for other religious denominations do the same (which is what happened then, starting from the cartel with the Jewish Community of 1989), and the introduction of mechanisms to devolve the shares of those who do not choose.

Not only are the opening years of the papacy of John Paul II, elected in 1978, and financial and political maneuvers that create the climate in which the turbid staged the attack on the Pope in 1981, and from which flows into the scandal of the IOR, with the murder of Roberto Calvi in 1982 by Cardinal Paul Marcinkus and the incrimination in 1987.

The Soviet system creaks and the Hawks tied the Western world of high finance and the Vatican want to take this opportunity to make a pivot to a new course "free" the former Soviet states to export, in addition to the free market, including Catholicism.

They are also the years of the reform of religious education in public schools, the so-called Falcucci Act of 1985, and the protest of those who finds themselves, not wanting to attend Catholic religious instruction, made at the margins of school time.

It is natural that anarchists, libertarians, feminists, are repositories of different instances and more incisive than those of people with a political culture of the Communist Party, tends to come to terms with the "other power", the clergy, sharing space to intervene, after all, Italy is the country of Don Camillo and Peppone. So Fano, and suddenly due to a conjunction of favorable reviews and passions, the alarm becomes a ferment of anti-clerical asleep in all Italy. The occasion offers the same Pope, by announcing his arrival with great fanfare on August 12, 1984. "The Pope will meet with the sailors," the ad says, alluding vaguely evangelical meetings and miraculous catches, already showing good spirit to maneuver by advertising which will then be an example to all the neo-Italian leaders.

An open space: the first area of Italy Dewojtylizzated

Start the Fano ballet organization of the papal visit, funded by the City, Region, the Italian state, a series of supplementary taxes in addition to those already paid by the national coffers, spending municipal quantified in a billion old liras. New car parks (one is still defined by Fano "the parking lot of Papa"), paved roads, mega-lunch set up at the Cooperative "Blue fish" (cafeteria with a menu based on fish), with the notable citizens at the top, and a large stage on the beach with reserved seating to attend the Mass celebrated by John Paul II, arriving by helicopter and travel in armored Pope-mobile through the city streets. So much for sobriety! After all media is the new course introduced by the Pope and youth sports (then called "The athlete of God"), whose face and whose confidence in speaking to the faithful and imposing authoritarianism does not hide the truth, and the intention spectacular propaganda will be evident in the appearance of his travels.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that the use of mass media by the religious was not as obvious then as now, and indeed the Church had been lavished recommendations about the "moral hazard" inherent in the use of television, and committed strenuous objection to the request of both the print and radio (songs, movies, arguments "licentious", remember that until the '70s, by law, in Italy you could not even speak in public about contraception).

The time of polls, the media that create views, private television, the Church requires marketing operation of the figure of the Pope? So be it! In 1985 Wojtyla then also launch the World Youth Day, enjoying a huge crowd, previously unimaginable, and in the meantime started a post restoration council (6) without limit, starting from his encyclical, Familiaris Consortio of 1982, which denies the 'Holy Communion for divorced and calls by decision not to use any type of contraception. This papacy will feature large "human" openings, which will create a passion for the pope - a leader able to inspire emotion ... and key strategies for closing the openings tentative moves towards more innovative theology and social turmoil of the three previous popes, Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I, the unfortunate, born Albino Luciani.

And there are those who can not have more of this "wojtylizzation" of the territory: it's the libertarians and anarchists of the Napoleon Club Papini, together with the anti-militarists, many feminists and others, opened their "de-wojtylizzed Zone" and print first adhesive "Pope Wojtyla? No, thanks ", which, echoing the style of the anti-nuclear disturbs the curiae and acclaim elsewhere, circulating on the popular demand in more than 10 thousand copies. Some of the components of the local antiwar Collective Fano, of course, were immediately reported, without concrete evidence, "the posting abusive."

The slogan "The Pope will meet with the fishermen," with intent usually overpowering, not like other workers in the port of Fano, who support our initiative from the start with great energy. (7)

There was then a demonstration that there was a possibility of opening spaces of freedom and dissent in the city, for the benefit of all. In fact it was possible to require the use of space on the waterfront, the new "tensile," as the exhibition and celebration without running into constraints and restrictive regulations that were imposed but later on, to ensure the policy of meddling in the use of space public, restrict the possibilities of use by increasing the rates of occupation of public land, or by applying an "Italian" rules for the administration of foods and beverages that could be more or less strict depending on who exercised and who was reported as bothersome and cumbersome with its initiatives.

Of course, the first "anticlerical meeting" (definition proposed by Donato Romito (8) for the second initiative) taken off guard as he called the "Forces of consent": politicians, clergy, the traditional "right-thinking people" (who like to be the only to think) they had no time to react to this small information area on the seashore. But while the people read the exhibitions we have written and pasted the most imaginative titles (then only crayons and glue, no digital printing ...), a man with long whiskers with a sheet of paper resting on the shoulder of a sacristan, copied texts that it deemed criminal. It was an elderly chief scout very close to Bishop's Curia, by the significant name of Carlino (the most famous newspaper with local page Fano, is the aforementioned Il Resto del Carlino).

"The cost of Wojtyla," the costs of the papal visit, "The Lord ski with you," following media coverage of the sportsmanship of John Paul II, "The apple is mine and I will handle" on Wojtyla agaist women, "an omnipresent intolerance," the Pope's trip, particularly on the papal visit in the world, who will see later in 1987 to embrace the Chilean dictator Pinochet," Hunters in purple, on climbing to the upper reaches of the Vatican clergy Wojtyla near ... people interested in reading and opened the trial of a popular new activity, one that would put out the word "clerical" from dusty archives and would have rediscovered with topical meaning of 'aversion to religious profession, the alleged monopoly of ethics by religions, and heavy and oppressive interference of the Vatican in Italian politics and social life. A term with a renewed sense then, and able to bring together both non-believers or agnostics that many believers iper-bored of diktat of parades and hierarchies.

Second anticlerical meeting : a cute little devil and ... in habit

The Malatesta Rocca of Fano, built between 1458 and 1452, owes its name to Sigismondo Malatesta, Lord also of the nearby Rimini was a large space, hardly used, in which the cells were still closed to the floor, I remember the time which had become a prison. These subsequent years will be the subject of an anecdote, when Pietro Bianconi, partisan, libertarian host of the meeting, politely decline the invitation to sleep in a cell, used as a guesthouse, not to remember his past in the cell under fascism. Beautiful, with its walkways from which you can see the sea, a little 'half-naked, with a few bricks falling because of missing restorations (some flowers on the walls of caper), cobwebs here and there, only a few rooms on the ground floor used as office workers because City ... refuse collection and disposal. Who would you like that matters if we take it for a weekend? No hourly rate, just make a request and cut a little 'grass in the beautiful courtyard vast and barren.

Other times. The idea of organizing a summer meeting teases us, we love the chance to cook and organize an evening show. There are people willing to give lectures and do exhibitions and so in July 1985, the meeting is done. It's a new thing for the city, which is not a party organized in the municipal tourism programs, or between the debates organized in the traditional summer holidays parties, very popular in the 80s. Yet it is precisely the atmosphere conducive to the spontaneity of our little community that gives us the opportunity to organize without too much expenditures: there are public facilities to use, and yet everything is fit for any citizen. You need a pot in which to cook the pasta for 50 people? Treasurer's Office Go, make a list, fill out an application and voila! You just have to take go for it. Grills size of hell, half a meter deep pots, gargantuan frying pan, fork festival, massive tables (also used for the election service) on which will dine hundreds of anti-clerical.

It should be stressed the atmosphere of integration between political ideals, skills, daily life that is created immediately at the meeting: the fact that managing a fixed space for a few days makes people different from each other are known, which can get other (there wasn't still social networks) is mostly coming out the skills and competencies of people. By frequent Circle N. Papini, high school and university, that you discover warehouseman or bookseller, economies that become barmaids, to the masons who use the boxes, the banker turned into skilled chef.

We create so much chaos that brings out the better or worse creative energies for people, which creates both new friendships that the discrepancies. It will also be meeting the legend that every year not only would create new friendships, but also new couples, new projects ... and contradicts the rumor that the lay and clerical possess a "culture of death" (if anything, the good die). .. new children.

The meeting is still a little space, little noticed, however, already expressed his fascination cursed. Starting from the image chosen for the screen-printed poster of that year: a little priest century with wings, devil horns and tail, on a dark red background. On this stands the question: "What is good, the devil or the water holy?" As if to signify the complementarity between virtue and sin and the clerical party game between these cultural opposites.

For debates, one on "Wojtylizzation of the Catholic Church, the other on" the Italian government and new Concordat ", felt the potential criticism that will develop later.


Third Anticlerical meeting: all more

An area of nonconformist meeting does not go unnoticed, and the fact that it is organized in public places and gives free admission brings results. That catalyzes the attention of the youth and left the Marche, and not only of what is today called "radical left". So, to review the program of the third meeting, held at the Malatesta Fortress 14 to 17 August 1986, reads like that of a cross between Woodstock roman way and a libertarian and a busy conference. Twelve bands over three evenings (names like "The Cross and the nothing" to "Revolt of hatred "...), video, comedy, debates, ranging from anti-nuclear movement (a few months after the accident at Chernobyl) to those of clerical and expert, with Adriana Dada (9) on "the Catholic Church and the Spanish Revolution, 1936/1939" Gianni Cimbalo (10) on the time of religion in public schools.

This year's meeting held in baptism ... then a lot of ideas that replicate in subsequent editions, first the "heretic Menu" (11), who fed and entertained legions of foodies. The menu is illustrated with heretical cartoons Salads Sauces and iconoclastic at the table, and graphs, prepared by expert cooks, math, composition of the ... skewers of heretic. Worthy of mention of the cartoon depicting the Chicken "Giuliani" the devil ... showing (very nice chicken and the perfect caricature) our bitter local opposition Democrat. Then the collective walk on water, a morning (not too) walk of the group "non-competitive" on the Adriatic shore, which ushered in a new way of leaflets.

The third edition also opens a new season of complaints, primarily by the local police station, set in motion by the most persistent complaints of those who, not content to reign undisturbed, is also concerned to stifle satire, and to prevent, if not the public debates, at least for the peaceful event. The Digos focused on the exhibition of the material of the highest artistic quality, publishing underground Dutch protest the Pope's visit took place in May 1985, "The Pope irritates you? irritate the pope" that already have a concept of satire "on par" on the Pope could not be admitted in Italy.

This exhibition, with comics and graphics of the highest level, was presented by the Federation of Anarchist Communists (12), much to this meeting and indeed the original proposer of policies readings than the "religious question" in Italy. He wrote for the presentation: "the joint initiative of the Catholic Church and some" secular forces "that guide penta-party alliance, is pursuing a strategic plan aiming at the "confessional compaction" of the country in religious groups showing a cutting analysis of the social changes and considerable acumen in predicting the trend of communitarianism, which has good game the birth of new communities religious closed.

After asking then, with attitudes even threatening, the removal of some comics, the "authorities" in charge of the activists denounced two (me and Federico Sora) and the complaint automatically resulted in a fine of one hundred thousand pounds for exhibition of obscene material.

The meeting, due to political pressure, were now considered a crime in themselves, since the second edition was the custom of Police to record the license plates of all vehicles parked nearby and then communicate to the local command participation of the owners at the meeting. Probably were heading surveys alerts, many visitors tell of visits to their home by the police.

Then there were the first attempts to "administrative" sabotage, so to speak, with the City's planning department that gave the spaces provided it is exposed to the word "clerical" because, he said, was offensive to .. . clericals!
Add to that the attempt, later withdrawn, to prohibit the use of the central space on the waterfront, the tensile structure of Saxony, for actions "not local".

So the experience was too direct and fresh, organizers for us, that we not only perceive, understand that we had opened a catalyst of styles, people, energy, living beyond our expectations and worried so much, according to a certain interpretation policy (subject to this "law enforcement") so it has to be controlled, prevented and suppressed.

There was also our organizational and strategic thinking, which is open to contributions from all this winning, and not ideological, that was scary because it was not at the game of the partitions and hypocrisy. In a time when secularism was increasingly saleble in exchange for favors, Communion and Liberation, and promoted the sharing of public contracts, any speech in defense of non-allotment of goods and services was against the public and unpopular.

But there was also the summer, free of otherwise underutilized spaces that we opened to all, the lack of such initiatives in youth: everything conveyed to us the interest of the people that wanted to do something unlike a holiday. Here also flowed discomfort, curiosity, wanting to talk or shout to the world's rebellion against a conformist and bigoted country, and to those who have always wanted to blame and pathologize diversity and dissent does not recommend them as a resource but as a problem.

The third meeting is also the place where, on August 15, we held the constituent assembly of the Association for the sbattezzo (13), whose text will then be filed with the 'Registration Office in Fano in December 1986. Now an interesting initiative of the winter of that year: the presentation of the conference in Fano psychologist Alberto Pettigiani on "The psychological damage of religious education" (14).

Fourth anticlerical meeting: you fill in the blanks

It is in this year, 1987, meeting that the anti-clerical appointment becomes completely a "secular" national area for the youthful and anarchic punk, and an attractive area for the radical, socialist, secular, turned on the landing national news of the news of the founding of an association for the "sbattezzo. The fourth meeting will involve the mentoring program Tassinari (15), a historical figure of the radical thinking that Italy supported the use of the first voluntary male sterilization, then and freedom of euthanasia. At this meeting we will also bring awareness to areas of the body and the discourse on sexuality, with the participation of Azzola Gianni, Milan, psychotherapist, and his seminar on bioenergy. The fourth meeting will have its logo, that triangular sign of danger, instead of the "A" anti-clerical, which will also be printed on "Millelire" published through alternative pressin 1993 and various gadgets for self-financing (especially the shirts).

This year's meeting is advertised with a flyer that contains, in addition to the image and the program, even a text. What had changed? The fact that the press began to be interested in meeting gave us the opportunity to ask questions, to identify the issues, provide answers. "Anti-clericalism of this century, claims the freedom not to worship, freedom from all clerical marks on the individual and on society. So, long live the meeting. Enduring Diabolicum east, but also liberating. "

Faced with accusations of Catholic fundamentalists Fano, who called the meeting a "blasphemous feast," retorts wryly that our party dispensed "the benefit of the excommunication and the sbattezzo," stressing "that we must fight without accepting that our conception of life is made to serve as a sin, "and this phrase is perceived link with all the movements of the struggle for civil rights and secularism. In addition to Azzola and Tassinari, then intervene Walter de Santi (16) (on "faith and secularism") and Paul Cognin (17). The latter has a theme that will be developed following the speech of civil unions: The Church and the codification of the "amorous behavior", introducing to Paul of Tarsus and the history of the 'Catholic institution of marriage.

In 1987 the Roman Radio Onda Rossa arrives at the meeting highlighting an incident that will result in more serious implications, with the process for the emissions of harmful electromagnetic radio antennas Vatican. The radio will emphasize the aggressiveness of the Roman Vatican propaganda: the theft of frequencies by Vatican Radio from small independent radio Lazio.

The Malatesta Fortress is full of the first visitors "loyal" and of tourists and curious, and there's also the contributions art exhibition, as well as political ones (with the exhibition, for example, on "Benefits of religions in society") comes new and cosmopolitan, the "mail art" (18), with its panels, its cuts and artistic contributions from around the world, local bands are multiplied so that it would be impossible to list them all.

Fifth meeting: from the hour of history to that of ... gymnastics

Here is an agenda for the unusual Fano Malatesta Fortress, in a day in August of 1988. In the morning some people of varying ages play a stage to exercise bioenergetics, someone in the kitchen provides a variety of coffee giant mock those who stopped to sleep in the inner cells, ie those involved in the concerts, the library, kitchen and cleaning. The problem of sleep has been resolved by delegating the "least" and less sleepy canteen managers and shows the closure of the massive front door, to allow our friends who work in the management of at least a few hours sleep in peace. Never has the saying "the last shall be first" seems more functional.

The grassy moat, properly mowed, and the front garden are home to the free camping. A free camping in the city center?!? Hard to feel today that screams to degradation even if a kid eats a cake sitting on the steps of a public building.

In addition to "those of gymnastics," early risers, late morning is starting to get people to visit the exhibitions and peek at the heretic menu (in this meeting also "food schismatic" because of the schism of the current Vatican Cardinal Lefevbre) (19), while those who juggles chores is a candidate in the arrangement of the stores and the kitchen, preparing dinner, cleaning the bathrooms for which a veteran anarchist comrades Livorno, Marina Giandolfi, invented for a bottle of desperate cases muriatic acid "spray", the precursor of the beat products yuppie "pistol."

But beyond our appearance, to whom we can be proud of, festival beggar and "self", this edition will benefit a few months before the article appeared in the newspaper La Repubblica, which gave news of the birth of the Association for sbattezzo the address by quoting from Fano, and that sparked a huge amount of correspondence that force us to the place from Fano to empty our mailbox daily hundreds of letters of interest.

Extremely useful for us the interest of the national press (20), which allowed us more time in prehistory to the Internet, to make known our arguments in Italy.

While the flows slow and lazy afternoons in the summer heat in the shade of the chestnut trees of the garden, just the idea in 1988, part of the 'divine angle ", which will then also support and self-produced wine labels do not fancy a few chats and burning afternoon discussions.

The opening panel on Friday sees the intervention of Aied, the Italian Association for Education contraception with "How do you clear your 194 did not repeal the law. The operations of the Church. " To this we add a debate on "The religion of the father. The subordinate role of women in the Catholic Church "with Marina Padovese (21) and Katia Vandini.

On the upper floor of the building, the closing remarks on Sunday will be a debate that will arouse the indignation of right-thinking people, even if an issue known and recognized, not only in Tuscany: "The blasphemy as an expression of rebellion and creativity of People against the Church ", proposed by Guido Tassinari. Here also the show "Seventh: Do not steal," which runs through the stages of the relationship between the Vatican and finance, and then disappear, perhaps ... stolen, or given on loan to not know who in that year.

But the fifth edition of the meeting offers much more than the provocation, and sees the arrival of names and best-known figures in the past: Cemak (also Marche) with an exhibition on sexuality in political, Caterina Bueno (22), the renowned scholar of Italian folk music, a regular guest of the edition, then the Officine Schwarz leading group of music "industry" Italian, Enrico Sturani and his vast collection of postcards.

It has meanwhile established a "tradition" that sees organizational open meetings in the months before, where you count the arguments and people willing to work towards the meeting, and try to find the fatigue of the rules that allow compliance with everyone's expectations. It will not be easy to come to terms with the usual crowd of people who believe that their needs should be borne by everyone who wants to drink from, and want to do it for free, to anyone who wants to pontificate on what you do not agree and believes the closing night make us the pleasure to hear his music (drums!) even at 3 am.

The fact is that, beyond sporadic (no more than what can happen to any party) and small organizational problems (such as when the administration has not provided us with two days for the buckets for waste), the Rock seemed to rejuvenate his Malatesta and his plaster mold: and especially the garden is free of the "swords" that instead of the rest of the nights remained uninhabited abandoned in the flowerbeds.

Here's a brawl in a bar on the waterfront, where you recognize that some people were seen passing to the Meeting, it triggers the lynching of the local press against us: the stratagem of provocation is always used in difficult cases, and if fights do not happen, you can always make it happen.

The meeting will be preserved and continued on his way. Self-financed through the sale of books and T-shirts and distribution of meals, always maintained at low prices, although some of the wing "insurgency" of the anarchist movement will soon be arguing about an increase of 100, 200 liras on the prices of some books and the cost of meals, in fact, absolutely always very low, and always free for those who helped. Speaking of gadgets that help sustain economically, precisely in 1988 in Orvieto was photographed and seized (!) The most famous of our adhesives "Pope Wojtyla? No, thanks! ", Accused of insulting a foreign head of state.

Sixth meeting: change of perspective

But the Malatesta Fortress becomes unusable: its "trenches" can drop bricks, the fort must be "made safe" and for 1989 the municipal administration, to be sure also to cool off the vapors of angry bigots Democrat, is proposing to us instead the equally venerable bastion Sangallo.

The structure, designed by Antonio da Sangallo for defensive purposes, with wide viewing angle on the coast, was abandoned long ago, after several attempts to "pre-election" of recovery. Two entrances, one on a rooftop garden and one on caves and secret: even though the structure looks shabby suits both concerts and the management of the canteen. The cave will serve as the main library service and debates. Heroic episodes and find techniques that would certainly have inspired Jules Verne, in an attempt to somewhat 'area, the comrades who sleep directly on the tables to be present from the first day (including our trusted bookseller, publisher Sicilian Franco Leggio (23) and brown Rino Camerlengo) to those forced to go to adventures in the narrow recesses of the material, as the performance of those who enter through the gate by bringing only a freezer on his back, between the general applause: the union leader Luigi d'Intino.

From the high walls, which overlook the main hub of the Adriatic Highway, is laid a gigantic, monumental banner reading "sixth anticlerical meeting", designed by Fabio Santin: below, in addition to the highway, the railway station and the barracks of the police. Result, regardless of the law that allows us to display the title of the initiative took place within an area without paying a fee, we fined for "improper posting". An appeal against the fine was won years later.

1989: last year was that of censorship and the stakes of the film by Martin Scorsese, "The Last Temptation of Christ" and the text of the presentation of the meeting had focused on the papal figure, its intransigence and its use of the media "... Wojtyla has also recently Unlined the Devil, imagining it as residing in these modern means of convincing and persuasion by which the Curie all time ...", will serve in the sixth meeting the focus is instead on a very media event, the linchpin of this assault to the economic system and the secular public by fundamentalist Catholics: the meeting of Communion and Liberation that year to borrow the names of Socrates, Don Giovanni and Sherlock Holmes
...he monumental meeting of Communion and Liberation ... a game of power and reactionary billionaires, with young rampant that privatize social problems, and get upset with our "heresy", unaware that in any event, both Socrates and Don Giovanni (do not know Sherlock Holmes) used their posters, if they are self-managed at the table instead of the anti-clerical meeting of Fano.

Meanwhile, JPII expressed sympathy for Khomeini for the attacks received and began to breathe a heavy bipartisan climate Islam-Vatican-hunting "blasphemous" cartoonist. A hunt is now stigmatized in the sixth meeting with the projection, the first day, the film just de-censored by Renzo Arbore, The Pap'occhio, kidnapped a month after its release in 1980 and passed only in October 1988!

In the atmosphere of summer takes place on Sunday, August 20 a meeting between secular associations entitled roaring "Cancel the Concordat", then that theme will be developed with a more reasoned reflection on the relationship between the most privileged not only the Catholic Church and the Italian State but between churches, religious communities and states.

On this need to be exact: it is not talk of pacts to ensure civil rights to religious people, in the sense of respect and sensitivity for use, but challenged the mechanisms that put people belonging to recognized faiths in privileged position in relation to secular and non-believers (special funds for ' Catholic associations, funding to private schools, etc.).. Especially the Catholic Church was enormously privileged because, in addition to the proceeds of the Eight per thousand, enjoy and benefit from a series of special laws and decrees, which also provide privileges for its facilities (remember the recent issue of exemption of real estate by ICE Church property) (24), far beyond the facilities and aid inhowever, to the structures of voluntary associations and secular, of equal social value.In this debate will also participate Fano names, including former Mayor Cicetti Enzo, as well as representatives of the Italian secular associations.

The space of the debates will see the presentation of one of the best known of the historical research Mimmo Franzinelli "Father Gemelli for war "(25), the essay that dusts off the deep bond between the founder of the Catholic University of Milan, and military chaplain, and fascism. Now traditional appointment of women to the libertarian and anarchist meetings, will take the floor again Padovese Marina, one of the women most active in anarchist anti-militarist, with a reflection on "Women and Power."

New theme in those years still little discussed, the one on "Death lay" in its various aspects including euthanasia and suicide, the donation / predation of bodies "(the law on organ donation was later approved in 1999), participated in the debate the psychotherapist UNMIL Malfatti, Marinella Bragagnini Coordination of Friuli to the social ecology, anthropologist Anna Maria Rivera.

The cultural and artistic spaces, very chaotic and varied, continue to attract people from the world stage, the theater company at the sixth meeting Atarassia University of Urbino, with the "Archaeology of Violence" and the Living Theatre S. Shulberg: in an area that we thought would put us in difficulty, given the terraces and the decay is instead mounted an innocent trestle and stage the show turns into a collective theatrical production when actors are taught to anyone who wants to jump from the crowd, welcoming those who throws his hands up. Fantastic scenery.

Meanwhile, the Christian Democrats and the local press have given themselves to do in denouncing "episodes thugs" and tie them to our event (events outside the meetings of which we have no responsibility) trumpeting the case of a magazine bought at the service of the library meetings, containing a caricature of John Paul II and one of Khomeini, and the like. We say that the discovery of material "blasphemous" brings joy to the Christian Democrats who see this as the only lifeline to throw at the meeting, denouncing offended in their religious sense. It even comes to fear an official letter of protest "to the meeting" at the Foreign Ministry, sent by the Vatican. They explode into allegations city council, during which the sagacious journalist Carlo Fano Moscelli said that the benches come to the meeting ... allegations of "heretics." He yearns for the closure of all spaces of dissent, in a sort of harmony with the bulldozers Milan who in those days the legendary shave ground Leoncavallo Social Centre, with its participants.

Seventh meeting: "I bring you good news that I denounce you!

So said the angel of the Annunciation, designed by Patrick Diamond (26) but the "stop" to the meeting is not given by the complaints, always based on assumptions proved to be inconsistent and better suited to the tabloid press that the courtrooms. The stop is given by the change of municipal administration, which sees settle came from a "historic compromise": Democrats plus PCI ... and the "contract" the Communist Party, which next year will be transformed into the PDS, does allow the head of the anti-clerical. The public spaces required are rejected for reasons of public order, "referring to incidents in reality not related directly to the organization of the meeting, supported by allegations never presented nor then verified.

Strange irony: while the DC and PCI will play our head in our little town on the Riviera, at the national level is approved law 142/1990 (27) on the organization of local governments, which will allow not only the entrance, but the contact of the private with the public for subsidiarity (read "contracts") of social and health services, providing new business cooperatives "white" and "red" and putting even more hazardous to secularism in public services.

We think even the pope, with his encyclical Centesimus Annus of the following year, to repeat that the "welfare state" can cause damage ... while the CDO (28), then blessed by God, obviously not. The age of Formigoni has blossomed, with the division of welfare, the old "welfare state".

1990 is therefore the year of clerical Tour ", the meeting is held in makeshift spaces granted by neighboring municipalities (Municipality of Marotta, on the coast, while the hilly San Costanzo gives us the first stage but then, under the wrath the pastor and the Christian Democrats, the Communist mayor does reverse), but the hope that it was not visible, so the Democrats had spent all their prayers, is in vain. The meeting is this: there are people who come in anyway and go from the seat of the Cultural Circle Papini, and the conference room at Marotta. There is the "spike" with a caravan remedied by Lia Didero (29) and positioned with a loophole in the center, it is the media with press releases, interviews and protests. And the program still takes place (indeed, the very term "Tour" will stand to indicate the dissemination of the contents of the meetings in other cities). It changed from "Atheism, secularism, anti-clericalism" (30) Mimmo Franzinelli, the debate on the Church and Eastern Europe with Gualtiero De Santi, to the anticlerical citation "From Critias to Cicciolina" Tonino profiles in memory of writer and journalist Peter Cimatti Rai (31) and by other authors ... . Do not do it on purpose to resist: we are now rolling stone propelled by a series of requests and proposals for action that come from Italy. Serena Urbani (32), the plaintiff died before the Living Theatre, looks at us with his thoughtful eyes: her, always in search of freedom and experimentation, I some hybrids, like we were the result of a strange encounter between movement and continental hyppie festival Provincial governed by some magicians of the kitchen and the computer.

In the meantime, without any scruple, the "clownesse" Praline Tuttifrutti staged from inside a package for refrigerators (IBM was written, Immaculate Blessed Mary), his "Communion computerized" in the center of the town street, talking to slot with a robotic voice and inviting unlucky to "tick the sin offering and that tab, then withdrawn, will decide whether or not to dispense communion.

As you follow the controversy in the local press about who is for or against our "existence" in public spaces (also great on the PCI local gossip, which, although having denied the use of public spaces, it has been said would offer "underhand" his festival dell'Unita', indiscretion then denied), some joker has to print a threatening letter written by" a Muslim living in Fano, "which prefigures revenge against the team offense to him, we perpetrated against 'Islam by publishing a cartoon on the death of Ayatollah Khomeini. Obviously no one cares about our safety: our satire is profoundly dangerous to the eyes of right-thinking people while threatening letters ... appear to be jokes. The cartoon "blasphemous"? Fruit of the cartoonist sarcasm Jesi Cotichelli Jordan: "Khomeini is dead! In heaven Allah is great anticipation. The Pasdaran fervently await the arrival of the imam, "Come, exudates coconut beautiful you make an ass like that." Other than heaven of heroes. "

After the seizure of the historical film of Buñuel (1963 and 1969), the complaint in 1980 with Roberto Benigni, the objections to Scorsese and the Monty Python, now works even less important and significant as simple cartoons, or impromptu statements, they fall in the crosshairs Religious fundamentalists, who do not accept that people see things "from outside" of their faith. Not surprisingly, the year before, in front of a protest of the UN special rapporteur on religious freedom in Saudi Arabia about not being able to practice other religions, the country's authorities had replied that all the inhabitants were Muslims, and Saudis ... then the problem did not arise.

Ostracism DC-PCI, supported by theorems concern of "prevention" similar to the fascist edicts for the maintenance of public order, but gives rise to hilarious parade: as that of a large group of anti-clerical that during the meeting, having white angel wings in tissue paper and the sound of "you descend from the stars" and other edifying reasons, made a surprise visit to the Deputy Mayor Giuliani at City Hall.

At the end of the meeting is Rossanda Rossana de Il Manifesto, which host a demonstration of Fano dialogue between believers and not requested from us, write us a letter saying that many "of our jokes" offend believers, addressing the meeting like a vaudeville and without knowing or wanting to distinguish, then, between the event itself (which she probably did not even read the program) and the few cases of satire present at the meeting that could somehow be considered offensive to believers, enhanced by what she herself was in his youth could have defined the regime press.

Eighth meeting: eight per thousand meeting

The eighth meeting in 1991, sees us winning a bitter battle for the granting of Malatesta Fortress and St. Michael Hall and the cloister. After motivated again, "problems of viability, but forfeited the motives of public order," the town council is set to close: there is no evidence that the spaces you want to deny that there are already granted to others instead. So we get to the recreational public gardens in front of the Malatesta Fortress, and this could cause problems, since we are denied the necessary internal rooms and a kitchen pantry ... but a smart "patron" of the PSI, Vito Rosamond, then president of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, is allowing us to help in our initiative, the Tir-container kitchen, well equipped, of the Provincial Civil Defence, through which churn out hundreds of pragmatically clean dishes on the heretic menu . Can you imagine the humiliation of the "rival" political character of Fano: It is true that in some cases between the two litigants, the third enjoys.


Discussions, library and workshops are held instead in the central area of the Cloister of San Michele. That's where, after immense porterage, we can manage a good library service and receive the print. And it was indeed a return to public spaces including journalism: the 1991 is indeed a year of other important services on the national meeting and association for the Sbattezzo. It will be the Socialist Claudio Martelli, who is opposed to the temporal power of the Church ... but also the devout atheist Giuliano Ferrara now asks us to participate in his TV broadcast, the instructor. This year also marks an exciting agreement with the publisher and the author Tiziano Sclavi Sergio Bonelli, who turn a blind eye and allow us to publish for the meeting a comic Dylan Dog, designed by Fabio Santin (33), written by Dada Knorr Padovese and Marina, in the comics talk about us and there is also designed with features Andreotti horror.

In addition to representatives of the libertarian and anticlerical, including the ubiquitous Peter Marazzani (Milan Association of Giordano Bruno), with its historical exhibitions on the misdeeds of the Catholic Church (and anticlerical ephemeris), we will still host Joyce Lussier (34) writer of sources of the Marche visitor sets of meetings, and reports such as that of the famous educator Marcello Bernardi on "Sexuality and genitals" and Dora Pezzilli (AIED) on "Sexuality and taste of sin," actions of members of the School and the Constitution (Sandro Masini and Antonia Sani), Mavi Mountain on the problem of exposure of crucifixes in public school classrooms (as you can see there is nothing new in public classrooms) as well as celebrities for movements, such as Massimo Consoli, author of Homocaust (35 ) and founder of the first gay store Italian.

Another issue concerning the "sin" is the use of drugs, with a round table with Marco Taradash on anti-prohibitionism.
Again returns to the theme of the alliance and confrontation with secular associations in a meeting "For a federation of associations of the laity." From less known as the Judith Arquati Tavani (36) or the Movement Salvemini (37), the Association for Religious Freedom in Italy, the Union atheists, agnostics, rationalists, the bulletin Secularism, the magazine Encounter Turin, Turin, founded by periodic ' adv. Bruno Segre, known anti-fascist and national president of Giordano Bruno.

The meeting also does not mind raids on other issues, as in other years and presents a debate on "false liberation. Catholic Church and Eastern Europe. A new totalitarianism ", with the sociologist from Belgrade Indijc Trivium, Agnes Hocberg from Budapest, and as coordinator Cosimo Scarinzi Links Wobbly of the magazine.

In 1991, there is also the famous Monty Python film, Life of Brian, finally cleared through customs for the Italian cinemas (it was pending since 1979!). Among the recreational facilities, this action comedy Patricia Diamond with his Groucho Marxist Party of Italy "From vacuum cleaners to the representatives of witnesses of Jehovah. Market techniques in the Temple. "

A separate space is dedicated to the manifesto of the eighth meeting, which will be the most amazing excuse to plot against us a complaint for "insulting a foreign head of state." It was a thousand-lire bill pictured with Pope John Paul II in one of the famous cartoons of Vauro. The bill was created as a visual commentary at the "Money in the Vatican" and as the poster of the meeting. To insert the effigy, of course, the sticker had been cropped. Some members of the Curia and the local Democrats, led by the stubborn lawyer Democrat Giuliani on the panel want to recognize the offending items (say in the complaint that the head of the Holy Father seems to come from a "water-closet" ... misunderstanding of the way Vauro necklines draw the Pope). Years of rumors and word of mouth worked, and especially the air gutter work that will create up to get to the prosecutor, this time not because the complaint will be filed. Hilarious is the transcript of the interrogation of the texts of the prosecution took place in February '94 the Court of Pesaro, a text which will be fully reported in our Millelire "Insult" in 1995:

... PM: Look, you've seen the poster for the city?
Pres: saw him ...
PM: this manifesto?
Witness: Yes I have seen both through the press, and because I have just passed the one who made the complaint.
PM: the complaint. But the city had not seen it?
Witness: the table ...
PM: on the street?
Pres: in the street, saw him on the street? Did you see posted on the walls?
Witness: no.
Pres: no.
Witness: I have not seen in the street.
PM: he saw in the log?
Witness: I have seen ... and I read ... and read ...
PM: I understand. The exposed.
Witness: the various printing, which has played and all the comments. I joined both the curia that the other has been done ...
PM: Citizens, yes.
Witness: ... to prevent it from happening again ...
PM: Why did you feel offended?
Witness: eh?
PM: It was ... felt offended by that ...
Witness: I felt offended e. ..
Pres: what is it that has disturbed, seeing this image here, what has ... gave you trouble?
Witness: I felt offended not only for the vulgarity, but also for the lack of respect to my religious sentiments.
Pres: OK, but what about that ... that something like this ... defense?
Defense: I wanted to ask if he has fully read the complaint that he signed
Pres: Wait, I repeat I ... pay any attention to me, follow me, he signed a statement ...
Pres: This exposed before signing it has read it all?
Witness: it is logical
Pres here
Witness: it is logical
Pres: okay
Witness: I also read that the Curia had ...(?) ... (?)...
Pres: Other questions?
Defense: he knows the legal responsibility of those ...
Pres: you know these two people, S.F. and P.F.?
Witness: no, no, I'm lucky to not know.
Pres: OK. Questions still PM?
Dr. Agabiti: Hear a latrine was the one who told you that? He interpreted her?
Witness: ... (off microphone) ...
Dr. Agabiti: that is to say that it was ... Pope's head that this was inside a toilet ...
Witness, but that it is clear that we can see that ... is the figure of the Pope, but I've mentioned ... (?)... Muhammad could be or could be ...
Pres: yes, no, I agree.
Witness: ... whoever he is, I ... they should respect my feelings ...
Pres: OK, you know ...
Witness: ... according to my own ideal ... (?)... anarchy.
Pres: you are viewing this flyer was offended here it says eight per thousand, then there is a note, there's this image of the Pope, as it says "anticlerical meeting", etc.., What all these images and expressions that has hurt you?
Witness: How? What is the image ...
Pres: What's this image that has annoyed?
Witness: I was offended because it was put on ...(?)... in a latrine and tell us that their head is better ...
Pres: OK.
Witness: ... one of them than that of Papa Wojtyla, regardless of this, I said, the fact that they can criticize ...
Pres: OK, other questions of the PM? Questions ... he, who has played this it was a latrine?
Witness: you must forgive me.
Pres: I hear the question is: Why is this here under the head of the Pope seems to be a latrine, a toilet bowl?
... and so on.
But meanwhile, as he weaves the latest attempt to scuttle the meeting in the silence of the shops that matter, this ends with the good result of the return to public spaces and a large number of people.
To "thank" the local clergy, first bishop of Fano, free advertising for the edition made by curses and attacks published in the national and local press (and Homilies in all churches) (38), is delivered to the bishop of the Fano "Strozzaprete gold, designed and built by the architect Ivan Lolli, of course, in" Das "golden, in a sleek black case with red ribbon and zircon, with the dedication" To Monsignor Mario Cecchini, anticlerical year ".
The lord showed us around the halls of bishops, gives us a coffee and we would like to specify that no furniture belongs to him ... personally. Well, we can not say that the anticlerical did not take the first step even to those who stigmatize them!


Ninth anticlerical meeting: 1492-1992 in our own way

The 500 years after the "discovery of America" coming to the meeting with a number of cultural criticism, by presenting the book by Anna and Massimo Pieri Boris "Isabella Cursed, cursed Colombo (39) and others who go through the issue of colonialism in the Americas. Joyce Lussier returns with readings of "Poets of other continents" and delight an audience at a late hour of youngsters with readings of the sonnets of anticlerical Belli. About what must be said that not always the case that "mature" culture was accepted, and involve the audience of young people who frequented the stages of the meeting. Yet the attempt to Joyce fascinated everyone, remember the eighty already sitting on a chair, a lamp beside the stage of the meeting, fair and clear as the Empress of the Tarot. So as William Ricci, libertarian exile at the time of the Spanish Civil War, who with his emotions inflamed an audience of youngsters talking about anti-fascism and the Church.

Mimmo Franzinelli back with a report on "Missionaries, religion, colonialism, 1860-1950," the Party "-Groucho Marxist in Italy" with a mail art exhibition entitled "Little Big Horn." Many also work on other issues which are now annual debate, such as the status of secularism in Italy, Church and sexual repression, nationalism and religion. In the three days of this year Arcigay also comes with a statement on anti-gay statements by Cardinal Oddi (40) and some American bishops.

After all you start to feel more and more pressing dissent on issues regarding sexuality, marriage of Catholic priests, the misogyny of the clergy, even in non-secular, in some way is also on the rate of Catholic theology Uta Ranke Heinemann, now best-selling book, released in 1990, "eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven."

In this year to underline the strong stance of the bishops about the commitment of Catholics in politics, the model chosen for Poland, the return to a confessional state, wants to be the one to be imposed if possible also in Italy, so that under the inspiration of the cardinal Ruini is published in the newspaper of the DC is also a "ottalogo" election for Catholics, thus intending to limit the autonomy of the electorate from the political positions of the Vatican. That masterly orchestration of policy statements to the media, already perceptible since the beginning of his papacy, characterizes the policy of John Paul II now more than ever, with the request to put an end to the war called "the Gulf" at the moment when Christian populations are in danger, and silence the fighting in Lebanon and throughout the heavy embargo in Iraq.

So for the recognition by the Vatican of the newly hyper-Catholic Croatia, on the eve of the outbreak of the Yugoslav conflict.
The canonization, supported in those years by JPII, of Escriva de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei, an organization similar to a traditionalist Catholic Freemasonry and present in all deployments of the temporal power, signals the intention to tighten the vise institutional powers . Not only that, the international ecumenical religious dialogue begun by John Paul II in Assisi in 1986 highlighted the intention to place itself at the center of a worldwide religious movement. Alliance but, in addition to a day for peace "will be based, wherever possible, even on an agreement about the moral assessment to the faithful and the influence of religious leaders on the political choices of governments, as will be shown at UN conference (the demographic in Cairo in 1994) with the Catholic-Islamic alliance against the spread of contraceptive methods.

But back to the meeting, which now has a large "loyal" attendance, many people are in tents, in caravans, or by pre-booking hotels and pensions, and the structure remains that of the previous year: inside the Malatesta Fortress prohibited gardens in front and instead granted for recreational space and stand in the kitchen, library and debates at the Cloister of San Michele. The rolling bike and walk in between the other point is wasted, as well as voice-over advertising for the car, a white Fiat 127 called "popemobile" (or AnticleriCAR), on which Patrick Diamond (which will become , not surprisingly, also radio host) imitates the voice of John Paul II invited the citizens and tourists Fano (in several languages, some of them invented) to visit the meeting.

As he goes on stage, Saturday, Aug. 22, "The mystery funny" proposed by a famous student of Fo, Mario Pirovano, Hugh Gregory also comes with its cameras to resume the meeting for "undercurrent", a program that will reveal even more on TV " curiosities "such as the discovery of" Mausoleum of Berlusconi "Arcore in 1993. A camera is a bit 'cynical and a little' anthropologist, who will visit the table but not the debates or the library or the exhibitions, picks up the crowd of people attending, sitting on the lawn, the "Mistero buffo" and Federico Sora (41 ), the creator of the heretic menu who, in the twilight between a barbecue and another tells Gregory on the menu: kebabs of heretic ... I do not know what I mean. "

In addition to interventions become almost a summer event (such as assembly of the Association for the sbattezzo, or the meeting holiday-involved many Italian anarchists, or exhibitions of mail art ...) every year the meeting will be expanded to include "appearances "and" I'm from, I do not get "this or that name, of improvised competitions, is the presentation of the pamphlet on abortion by Brenda Maddox, The Doctrine of the devil, and reaches the historian of the anarchist movement to bring the story of Massimo Ortalli anti-clerical pamphlets of the anarchists, we talk about art and restorations Fabrizio Iommi and his "The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel" and make art competitions as the "Church, profit and condoms," the notice which brings together artists-mail, creative graphics and the most varied techniques for their views on the Church and the objections to contraception, voluntary sterilization, the Association for giving away the competition for a million dollars.

That meeting has always been supported by artists, craftsmen and graphics and logos remain evident in the posters produced in those years, the collaborations old and new: the sale of publishing a limited edition (for example with the International Centre of Graphic Venice), the production of decorative objects for the places of meeting and billboards and signs (from the angels in plywood of Feligini Xavier (42) to the shapes of colored Armido Remigi, billboards-Tazebao traveling Adriano Grazioli) (43).

1993: the tenth anticlerical meeting, seven days of celebration

We want to prepare a long holiday, August 21 to 28, and for this we gain back the use of the entire Malatesta Fortress, both the interior and the setting of meadows and ditches. Do not save energy. After all, the '93 was a difficult year. It is the year when the carnival of Viareggio is impeached in a chariot of the famous Carnival, which depicted the Pope and Bill Clinton on a helicopter over the war in Somalia. It is the year in which the Minister Rosa Jervolino Wars brochure on AIDS prevention for students, the year in which CL is involved in the scandal Sbardella, the cadet said Andreotti Jaws, financing co-operatives and white CL canteens. It is the year that Ida Magli accuses the hypocrisy of those who do not take into account the abuses of Koranic law on women and, while Islam is involved in the critique of the relationship between religion and freedom of women, that request will be exploited by those who are interested in recycling the Catholic culture as a champion of women's emancipation.

Finally, in 1993, the group of feminist intellectuals "Controparola" (testimonial Dacia Maraini) calls do not pay a cent to eight per thousand Catholic Church, outraged by the invitation of the Pope to Bosnian women not to abort after the rapes. This action will bring into the open misogyny Pope: JPII to accuse of being "liars," even if the statements attributed to him were true.

Tenth Meeting to appear for the first time, next to the image of the little devil-child who also became a high demand T-shirt, the words "racism" and "intolerance." Linked by a text that reaffirms the profound political figure of what might be called "the humanism of the meeting," the denunciation of corruption and abuse made by clericalism and its powers. All linked to a general openness to the expression of arts, styles, ways of being different from the norm: "A nonconformist meeting? Yes, if the rule is that the Mafia, of complicity between the clergy and powers, which finances Sbardella Cl, of racism and intolerance."

All this is expressed in a festival of debates and a festive atmosphere almost unreal. They range from the presentation of the book published in '92 by the publisher Eleuthera, which shows strongly the discussion on euthanasia, "Euthanasia. Emergency exit "of U.S. journalist Derek Humphry (44), the researcher Silvia Tozzi, with its" Women Without Renaissance "(45), the writer and historian thirty Nives Fedrigotti with his research on episodes of the Inquisition to" witches "Italian, in addition to a debate on society and sexist language.

There will be scheduled for the souls of the Committee on the Rights of Prostitutes, Carla Corso (already the author of "Portrait with strong shades") and Maria Pia Covre with a speech on "The Italian sexual habits of the householder." To list all the other contributors to this edition (readings, book presentations, famous guests, from Petra to Michael Wüst Gianni, by G. Ditadi Pinuccia and Gesar of) these pages would not be enough ... Giancarlo Leoni cite only with his speech on "Northern League, Dc and Catholicism" and the presentation of the book by J. Ellul "Anarchy and Christianity" published by Eleuthera.

On 27 August there is the 'national meeting of clerical and lay associations on the proposal for abolition of Articles 7 and 8 of the Concordat (those relating to the Church-State relations).

Obviously there's a lot more, and also sees the exhibition appearances excellent: the exhibition of the famous Venetian painter and engraver Vincenzo Eulisse, the retrospective video "Angle Divine" the well-known transgender Divine, star of films such as John Waters' Polyester and Grasso is beautiful. At the tenth meeting are also held readings of poetry prize anticlerical "Nicholas Franco."

'93 Hot moments of the meeting are also the show's storytelling Franco Tringali, the performance of the comedy trio with Paola Broli Broli, reading passages "firing" of etiquette for young ladies of Little Pierre Louys by Joe Fallisi content, lynched (verbally) by a group of feminists who came for him, and the working group coordinated by the school teachers and trade unionists Saverio Craparo, Stefano D'Errico and Donato Romito.

In 1993 printed on the cover with the logo of the event, our Millelire "Anticlerical", in which we start with an article sarcastically entitled "Pius XII + IT = John Paul", and also report a review of the Association for the sbattezzo and short articles on various meetings, including a description of the heretic menu (which included the "sauce Muslim" now would draw cross ire). The activities of the Association for the sbattezzo in eight years has expanded, has helped to connect groups and associations, has launched in Italy the "Declaration of Sbattezzo" and collected thousands of signatures. The certificate of membership (rather the "Declaration of freedom from religious beliefs") that is released is not exactly a declaration of atheism, but a 'public expression of non-inclusion, the member personally managed by posting, in the case of baptism, notification "of sbattezzo" the parish of origin. A 'initiative outlined in Millelire is the objection to the religion fee (eight per thousand), this was denounced by the perverse mechanism of choice sets in the mod. 740 from the beginning that it seemed unfair:

Who would not deliver the choice will split its share in proportion to the number of choices expressed. To be clear, assuming that 20 out of 100 taxpayers tdo respond and that of the 15 opt for one of three churches (to us no matter which one) and 5 to the State, the amount of hypothetical 2.4 trillion would be distributed as follows: 600 billion to the State and 1.8 trillion to the churches ratifying the very democraticissimo standard by which 15% of individuals determines the outcome of 75%.

This was already explained to the Association, and entered into the details of the allocation of funds and the issue of so-called "deductible offerings," denouncing the possible use of this mechanism for tax evasion.

It was practically an initiative similar objection to military spending, that is needed to calculate the sum of their tax returns corresponding to the eighth for a thousand then allocate to a charity of your choice. In this manner, the Association had pioneered the foreshadowing ... 5 per thousand.

Eleventh meeting: battles and defeats

The activities of the Association for sbattezzo is increasingly known (interviews with La Stampa, L'Europeo, even in Marie Claire ...), and is getting ready a new meeting with advertising content from the shipment of about 30 thousand copies of Il Peccato, the newsletter of the Association and the diffusion of the program (with the publication edited by the club Papini, "Traffico").

But in May '94 was dealt a severe blow to leaders of the meeting. With specious accusations, so that the same prosecutor of Pesaro (Silvia Cecchi), asks for absolution, and without even requiring the clearance required for this type of ministerial offense, Sora and I come sentenced by Judge Frederick P. Pesaro F. Chase to one year in prison, with mitigating reduced to eight months for "insulting a foreign head of state" (art. 278 CP), that is Karol Wojtyla. Headlines in the local press, for an unjust but is greeted by some with "We told you so" as if it had been guided by divine hand ... and in fact there was a director. It was sanctioned in one way or another not guilty of an offense defined but unwelcome, not a criminal one, but highly inconvenient for the criticism of the clerical hierarchy and national politicians. Only in 1998, at the Court of Appeal of Ancona, those convicted at first instance will be acquitted because the court will declare the not to proceed (46).

This fact does not alter the will and courage to do but it makes them uncomfortable, and raises questions about the role and responsibility of the organizers and supporters, when they attempt to manipulate the slightest sign of picking it as an offense to upset satire (the way in the case of this sentence, in which he drew the Vauro papal dress), or to catch the fly any hint of "exuberance" satirical to pass it to the organizers as if it was right for us having to make a pre-censorship to materials and works exposed (books, exhibitions, banners, t-shirts, flyers, etc...) It should be noted that Vauro Senesi sent written testimony at the trial, this was pointed out that his design was not changed.
... But the meeting is done, for a period of five days, from August 19 until Tuesday 23, the day held a meeting of a newly formed team, the result of various efforts: the coordination of anti-clerical and lay associations . Again the attempt of coordination between different reality and a recurring theme: the abolition of Article. 7 of the Italian Constitution, which refers cartel that originally signed the Lateran Pacts in 1929 and then became a New Composition in 1984.

A meeting was successful despite the obstacles, and the disappearance of people who had contributed to the editions of previous years, as Guido Tassinari.
A meeting to discuss when you return to public school and private school (with school and the Constitution) and in which we try to reflect on "limits and contradictions of anti-" (Mimmo Franzinelli). Franzinelli emphasizes that there is in his opinion:

... The risk to take seriously the repeated papal utterances there are only handful of Catholic fundamentalists and anti-clerical, the insistence on the opposition to the Church alone that leads to losing the sense of the scale of the problems, and to consider anyone a fellow traveler nonsense shots against the priests and to ignore the basic problem: the construction of secular ethics libertarian, it's too conceited dogmatism anticlerical, probably treated with milk denominational education.

These considerations partly refuted by the facts of Italian politics and partly still true (the sense of superiority and snobbery, arrogance, the anti-religious).

Also at this meeting is the Observatory of libertarian Women on fundamentalism, busy to follow the events of the International Conference on Population and Development which will be held in September 1994 and will see unusual Vatican and Islamic fundamentalist pressures against the spread of methods of contraception and legal abortion .
Among the interests that bind the meeting to the analysis of society is that of Guido Caldiron (47) with its "neo-Nazis, old and new right", that of the collective student Gaya Mater Studiorum Bologna with a speech on "The cohabitation ", and a report by historian Paolo Sorcinelli on "Italians and eros. "
Among the distinguished guests including Walter Peruzzi (48) who will speak on "Embargoes, forgotten wars, motivations of religious wars" Caesar Frassineti (49) who will present his "The visible hand," Cesare Mannucci, author of "Ancient Hatred "on Catholicism and anti-Semitism, Peter Adam for the presentation of his" Which God for the Left? "written with the philosopher Giulio Giorello, Carlo Capuano with the exhibition of his drawings entitled" CleroTarocchi ", Studio d'Arte Andromeda with its exhibition and research on intolerance and Gianni Minasso with his "I knew the Creed and now I've forgotten."

Among the new theater, we mention the Free Thought Society of Livorno with its original "Directory of general confession," a text that dealt with the manuals for confessors, and a performance context, performer cupio dissolve, "which sparked a brawl between organizers in the preparatory meetings for the meeting: result, the opinion of the minority (animal and female) but was not accepted during the show, and sado-masochistic is the martyred and threw offal, some witty thought it well to remove the switch Enel, including protests and thanks. The same victim, having seen the scene ruined, got into other anticlerical Neapolitan ironic that, while doing duty in the service library and learned he was looking for "something to smoke", thought it best to sell them, well wrapped in foil, a fragment of the old beams in the Malatesta Fortress, and ... cashed in for the meeting.

To keep up, there is even the "clown Harpa (Patrizia Diamante), running feet and with fins display a cigar hanging from her neck to sell booklets and Milellire Anticlericale. There was even the piscoterapeuta Carlo Masi, dressed as a prophet, patriarch, complete with stick-like Sinai and long beard, who wandered through the stands with sling eyes of staging the disappointment of the archetypal Father. About Milellire published by Alternative Press, starts with them what will be the following cataract satirical publications Berlusconi, Zap cartoonist presents his Millelire the meeting entitled "The Beeeerlusca. And while "Berlusca" makes its entrance on the sly satirical Italian imagination, the meeting is shown an exhibition entitled "Church and Tangentopoli" (of which there are those who sell T-shirts investigation Theme).

In the months following the club then Papini Fano Association for the sbattezzo working on a new Millelire which will include the items discussed in the debate "Church, courts and contempt" held at this meeting, which will be printed the following year.

Twelfth meeting: in year of the massacres, the year of miracles

The year 1995 saw the unfolding of bloody clashes in the former Yugoslavia, while the statue of a Madonna bought at Medjugorje, situated in a private garden in Civitavecchia, becomes a destination for curious masses, thousands of people running to see the tears of blood (it will be found of male DNA, and the owner of the building refuses to undergo the examination of its DNA). In the leaflet of the twelfth meeting, depicting a lady who winks at our initiative, the text of presentation time indicates the progressive magnified the phenomenon that, to paraphrase Arancia Meccanica, could be defined Ultra-mediatic, that is the very real power politics of those who cry stronger and shoot more with his media. The style is more playful or satirical, the meeting noted the need to stand clearly against all forms of violence, we realize that something is changing, and that the tones have fun, irreverent, challenging not only the risk of being targeted in the courts and mass media but deleted in the wars to end, in the attacks, in executions, attacks on freedom of expression, which wiped out people around the world.

...there is a future of peace for the warmongering cultures and religious fundamentalism ... We have recent examples of violent acts in the fundamentalist madness of the fundamentalists of every country (Iran, Usa, Japan). An anti-clerical and secular culture however, is opposed to faith as an instrument of power....
Six years have passed since, in 1989, Khomeini condemned to death the writer Salman Rushdie (50) for his book "Satanic Verses" and convictions are continuing in dozens of countries around the world.
It is no coincidence that important chapters of the beautiful Millelire published by us in this year, "Insult. Booklet on the offense-authority "(51) are devoted to national and international legislation in comparison with the crime of contempt, but not only, also the concept of freedom of expression and personal freedom.
In closing, the scholar Italo Mereu (52) reminiscent of the famous ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States which had ruled on the "respect" to keep the Stars and Stripes:

“To punish the outrage would be to decrease the symbol, which represents an essential value: a freedom so wide that it includes the freedom to insult”.

At the twelfth meeting Walter Siri (53) introduces a debate on multicultural society and fundamentalism, the sociologist Peter Kammerer (54), interesting is the presentation of the book "Defectors" (55), the desertions from the armies of the former Yugoslavia. The Bund gegen Anpassung (anticonformist league) (56) instead returns to present the events of procedural Karlheinz Deschner (57), author of a controversial "Church History" in several volumes and tried in Germany on a complaint from the church authorities.

The debate on education in religious school expanded with the participation of new speakers, the Commitato anticoncordatario Charter 89, the Committee for the Turin secular school, Giordano Bruno Association, Union of Atheists, agnostics and rationalists.
Women libertarian instead manage a meeting with the Yugoslav feminist Dumanic Shura (58), with whom continue to work together on "State and women in Yugoslavia."

Speaking of women, to report that year, the publication of the Papal encyclical letter "Evangelium Vitae," which reaffirmed the view of the female (Eva) to supplement (but always indispensable complement) than among men, the conception of the role of women role as "naturally" linked to a family and ... firmly stressed the legitimacy of conscientious objection to the law 194 on the interruption of pregnancy. These visions dictated by faith is asked once again to comply with the policy.

The exhibition saw participation unprecedented four exhibitions with complex and "creative contributions" interesting fact:
"Par council" on the Council of Trent, "Macaroni and Vu 'cumprà" on the history of immigration from Italy and to Italy, "Bologna, July 1 '95" with pictures taken by Mario Bologna Taddia the gay Pride, " From Sarajevo "with pictures taken by Massimo Sciacca.
Men's household (59) still run once their "banquet" exhibition with the Manual of man-made products from home and their home-hands, the magazine of satire Verona Infedele (60) exposes his cartoons.
Last but not least, we will implement the twinning with the Carnevalon rid of Poggio Mirteto, carrying water (even wine, those tears, thanks to a mechanism, from papier-mâché Madonna brought by gemellanti) to the mill of those who, to calm down, he wants to convince himself that bottom of the meeting is just a festival spirit. Indeed, to calm even more, or perhaps to exorcise our fears of the future, the meeting of this year, in addition to the wine house called "Angolo di-vino", has changed its name in the bar, making ... Bar Lusconi.

1996/2000: changes and transfers

Since 1996 anti-clerical meetings began to change under the effect of a gradual removal of some "arms" and "minds" of the local organization, first they reduce the size of their programs, then move to other places, losing a bit 'in the audience and a little' punch in the territory, captured by traditional factors editions Fano thanks to the meticulous and constant work of contacts and "happenings" media.

The thirteenth meeting in 1996, however, will be held in Fano on the 24th and 25th August, limited to only two spaces, the gallery of Palazzo San Michele, in the center for exhibitions and the library service, and the multipurpose room of the district of San Lazarus, for a discussion. The meeting this time will not offer a full service meals to the participants, but only a buffet (the "heretic light menu," the Jesuit is a pasta salad and watermelon goes turncoat ... the soup Opus Dei), and benefit, for Saturday evening concert (the Sud sound system not yet known), the Centre's social spaces Pesaro self-Borders.

Spaces for debate on issues now traditional addition this year, not to disprove the reputation of the meeting that takes forever to fly hot topics in the Italian law and the salient data, other voices: that of Mary, Matthew, with a report on violence within the family, that of Marina Padovese that leads to the experience of meeting house for women who suffer violence in Mestre, and that of Elvira Banotti, historical Roman feminist (the group founded by Carla Lonzi, Rivolta femminile), which tells of his "sexual Town."

The fourteenth meeting will attempt something more, 22 to 24 August 1997, at Fano. The spaces will be managed a bit 'more challenging: the Bastion Sangallo back on the heretic light menu, exhibitions, concerts, and was awarded the Hall of the City Council for discussion. There is participation, albeit in a minor key, and open up interesting debates. The anarchists, perhaps to exorcise the grounds for removal from the meeting, management is too masculine, open days like observatory of libertarian women on fundamentalism, that had never had a relief from "opening" of the work. It also takes stock of the situation of the quota management fee of religion, or eight per thousand, Italy. Join the League of Freiburg-conformist who talked about the danger of Islamic fundamentalism in Europe. It makes a proposal a bit 'challenging: the dissolution of the Association for the sbattezzo reached the statutory purposes.

This year, as reflected in the fervor of the Vatican in preparation for the Jubilee 2000, which will see substantial state grants extraordinary and overwhelming media campaign aimed at presenting a new Rome and the Vatican as a religious center and cultural world, with ambiguous implications which are the Church of Rome as it was, again, a state religion.

Meanwhile, other passions trendy involve our playground ... for the first time the meeting is a proposed "iconoclast body piercing " are not able to inform you precisely what the icons of the body were broken.

The fifteenth meeting in 1998, marks the impossibility of carrying out even the meeting in Fano, the expulsion is that my other classmates did not become final only from practical point of view (I had already resigned in 1996, reiterated in 1998 by President of the Association for the sbattezzo), and our reasons will be explained briefly during what will be the only area of the anticlerical meeting of that year: the "anti-clerical conference to be held at the Malatesta Fortress 20 and June 21. On the one hand, the dissatisfaction of some of our staff to conduct the defense as it was in the process for contempt, on the other objective of the heavy workload, as well as personal responsibility, we were crushed by the logistical requirements . Although the average age of leaders of meetings was low (about thirty years'), there was still a meandering tiredness, a need for change (61).

This meeting in the form of conference will be among other interventions on "The Church and the state of ethics" of Patrizia Nesti, an intervention proposal of a national anti-Jubilee (speakers and Frederick Walter Siri Sora, who have dealt with for many years, including the analysis of the mechanism of the Eight per thousand), intervention by the network of women dedicated to anarchist on religious fundamentalism "if Algeria."

The situation of impasse Fano is not so bad, since in 1999 will allow the development of the anti-clerical sixteenth Meeting in Bologna and finally in a big city, July 1 to 4. It will mean the final take-over by the Italian Anarchist Federation of the logistics of the meeting that the mark "Association for the sbattezzo", while leaving the administrationthe to the head office in Fano . The meeting will launch, compared to a general reflection on the presence of the Catholic religion, the slogan "Against the religious treatment required," citing some will and some, let's call them, like, a postcard style form that everyone could sign: the opposition to

display of religious symbols in public buildings, hospitals, schools, the teaching of religions and the celebration of the acts of worship in schools, in the presence of priests and the imposition of rites in hospitals, to suffer extreme unction and celebration of religious services in the event of death, to contribute through taxes paid to the Italian state for the maintenance of churches, the interference of the messages and religious functions imposed by the mass media, the requirement of respect for religious holidays.

This in addition to the freedom to decide their own body (sexuality, end of life, funerals) and the fantastic and utopian desire "to be able to choose the holidays not on the Catholic calendar, but according to my nature."
A total of lively meeting, with the participation of old and new presenters and speakers: Mario Cogley, Salvo Vaccaro, Carlo Oliva, also known as contributors to the anarchist magazine, the cartoonist Stefano's drawings (for the filing of the Charter against the religious compulsory treatment ), Mario Guarino who presented his "The merchants of the Vatican," published by Editions Kaos, Angelo Quattrocchi, the publisher Malatempora, presenting his "true story of Jubilees." Also Roberto Massari editions Erre Emme, which leads to meeting the volumes of church history written by K. H. Deschner.

The meeting in Bologna gets good visibility in the press, and seems to hope for a resumption of the most engaging, even the archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Biffi, rages against the landing of the only lawful anticlerical in his city. The anger of the Bologna Curia I personally see the results because they are convened by the intendant of Finance for a farce meeting, a middle ground between the KGB-style interrogation for unknown (and nonexistent) investigations into possible tax offenses made by the Association, finding investigation on the policies of the association, definitely off topic for a Superintendency of Finance. This is because, after my resignation, and forever, the new board of the Association for the sbattezzo "forgot" to elect a new president, and then is I am responsible for everything that happens.

The following year, 2000, the year of Jubilee in full regalia of Pope JPII. And also the year that the law 62 (62), which provides funding to private schools. The Initiative Committee secular, libertarian, with associations that are present in anti-Concordat meetings in previous years, is able to organize a joint demonstration in Rome to mark the 400th anniversary of the burning of the philosopher Giordano Bruno in Campo dei Fiori, which occurred February 17, 1600 . The initiative, as well as the Italian anti-clerical and lay associations, join Unicobas, the Italian Trade Unions, Action gay and lesbian, and coaches arriving from Italian anarchist and libertarian. There will also be well-known names in discussions of culture and entertainment: Luigi Magni, Giuseppe Ferrara, Giuliano Montaldo (who will talk about his film on Giordano Bruno), Giancarlo Zagni, Carlo Lizzani, Luigi Faccini, Silvano Agosti, Mario Alighiero Manacorda, Guido Zingari Tonino Miccichè, Alberto Abruzzese, Federico Coen.
On 17, 18, 19 February will be held then (instead of the 17th meeting) in Rome meetings, conferences, shows, culminating in a parade in historical costumes to Campo dei Fiori, announced by town criers in the city, and followed by thousands of people, so that the police try to block it on the grounds that permission had been given only to ... "actors".

On July 8, 2000, after pressing the Vatican's attempts to ban it, there will be more evident as a signal of hunger of secularism of the Italians and Italian, the phenomenal international gay pride parade in Rome, with the participation of nearly one million people.

2002/2003 … the meeting is still on the move

But the Roman effort is not enough to create a new solid structure that can, as always relying solely on voluntary work and self organization, manage such complex events in the years to come. So the experience of "meeting" virtually closed with the two subsequent editions. The 18th edition is in Piombino, in the pleasant Pinetina from 5 to 8 September 2002. A meeting held by the forces of the Italian Anarchist Federation and the Association for Sbattezzo. Decentralized, albeit cozy, it sees the presentation of the research published by Peter Marazzani, a supporter of the argument that "religion is not blessed by the grace of God," with its "The misfortunes of the Popes", exhilarating in some ways. Other presentations, that the book "The Fable of Christ" by Luca Cascioli, and "The Invention of God" by Gianni Grana (63), the first, known for his provocatively denounced his pastor (his friend and fellow student seminary) because he said that Jesus Christ had really existed, right in September 2002. The second, a retired teacher who had died the previous year and that the atheists and agnostics Union and rationalists has headed the Rome office, essayist and writer, author of the powerful work in 2000 pages that provides an overview of the religious expressions of humanity.

Debates on "from the embryo cloning," "Everyone has the god who invented" with the participation of the atheist Piergiorgio Odifreddi, and "The Book and the Sword. Religion, war and nationalism", which sees the participation of Enzo Marzo, one of the initiators of the Manifesto in 1998, secular (64), which adhered to the text a wealth of symbols and names from all over the landscape secular liberals to anarchists. For the theater, back Mario Pirovano with the staging of another famous work of Dario Fo's "Johan Padàn e la descoverta de le Americhe."

2002 is the year in which, for the first time, the church hierarchy, in this case, the U.S. bishops' conference, admit, with the imposition of measures, the serious situation of sexual abuse of minors committed by priests. Ever, the Church has had to endure so little confidence in his teachers! Yet now more than ever will be a strong Catholic country you always get new funding to Catholic educational institutions. Just a Catholic education will be the central theme of the other attempts to meetings, and the nineteenth, the following year, in another space on the edge of a city, Modena to host the latest edition because of a clerical meeting, with discussions , exhibitions, friendly space, social space is the Free anarchist , 12 to 14 September 2003.

It starts with a discussion on the links between fascism and the Catholic right, participates in the discussion of Emanuele del Medico, then author
the following year of "the far right of the father" (65), book files on links between Nazi-fascist area and Catholic fundamentalist area. We then move the discussion about the school with a presentation of intelligence about the textbooks of history, the presentation of the book "In Praise of Public Education" and the Marquis de Condorcet, Saturday, Sept. 13, with a sit-in in front of the Superintendency "against clerical school. " In the following discussion on "confessional school of liberal Letizia (Moratti nda)," will join the meeting, the poet and songwriter Claudio Lolli.
Interesting debate on the terminology of "Movements and anti-clericalism" which, when considering the "subjection" of mass movements to the clerical power to appoint more than the traditional "octopus Vatican" also defines the "squid-Islamic" by introducing a new in the world of traditional allegories marine clerical power.

Will be presented at this meeting the book "Murdered in the Vatican" by J. Verges and L. Brossolet, edited by Kaos on the triple homicide happened in the Vatican in 1998, and in which the mother of the Swiss Guard Cedric Tornay made application for reopening its investigation in 2002, and "XX September 1870" by Maurizio Marchetti, a history of events that led to the breach of Porta Pia and the founding of the secular state, very timely for the beatification of the last King-Pope, Pius IX , in 2000.

Tour, clubs, councils: the dissent continues

Since 1986, the year from which the magistrate of Modena, Persiani, inquired the Association for the sbattezzo to check the legitimacy of its existence, until now, the echoes of our business has spread here and there in Italy and thanks to the resourcefulness of the "anticlerical Tour " spontaneously, thanks to the interest aroused by the Declaration of sbattezzo. Since its birth, in fact, in 1986, the association has collected thousands of signatures in Italy. But as for numbers, you can not give updated figures, since the association is now dissolved. It must be based on what they says to one or other of those who continued the business, such as the Fano Federico Sora, which gives the figure of 3000 sbattezzati in Italy, in an interview with Panorama in 2007. Neither he nor Chiara Gazzola (66) (Emilia anarchist who will be the contact for the Association in the late 90's), specify a date for the data, which must then be added to the declarations submitted by the Union Sbattezzo agnostic atheist rationalists. What happened, in fact, in 2002? Ombudsman for privacy, at the request of an Uaar associate is expressed positively on the request for him to actually see an entry in the baptismal register his declaration of "sbattezzo. From here on the Uaar gets major press, and organizing themselves better, they begin to manage themselves the "sbattezzo" an escalation leading Uaar to establish new local chapters, and a progressive expansion of its business, previously un-noticed by the media. Unfortunately, the information Uaar will be inclined to discredit the work of our forerunners Association for the sbattezzo, portrayed as incapable of decisive legal action (but that was certainly not impossible given that the Guarantor, in the years of our activity, wasn't even there!).

Other neo, but not least, in Uaar: the total fusion between atheism and anti-clerical bodies, which acts as taken for granted that the anti-clericalism and political criticism of the atheists at the Vatican and an added value, something not true, we see it every day with flourish of dissent in the Catholic world to resist the Ratzingerian policies and religious movements of the base.

As regards the "matter" of sbattezzati, it must then consider that many still send to the parish baptismal records deletion request from the association without one or the other association. As indeed it did in 1958 Capitini Aldo (67).
Raffaele Carcano, the Uaar, wrote in 2006 a memorandum entitled "The unreliability of the statistics of the Church" (68), and in it gave account of the research carried out by the same Uaar for his clean-campaign, which wanted to check with which was actually the number of baptisms in Italy. If we combine the estimated number of 2009 sbattezzi forms Uaar achieved through (about 15 thousand forms downloaded), to those reported by the Association for the Sbattezzo 80s (about 3 thousand), we get a considerable number of people who have sought to formally exit from the count, but that often the central registers of the Vatican didn't report. Even the statistics and opinion polls show a decline of those who declare themselves practicing Catholics, on the other hand, however, are seen increasingly strong pressure for the Catholic indoctrination, with the push for private educational institutions, the presence in the media.

The "sbattezzo" continues to provoke reactions in the years that all displaced clerical political class that has found a place in this or that party after the crushing of the Christian Democrats in July 2009 as many as fifteen Members of the Democratic Party, primarily Paola Binetti, write to Conchita de Gregorio, director of the newspaper L'Unità, to protest against the release in eleven episodes of the cartoon "I almost sbattezzo" by Alexander and Lise Alberto Talamo. What the MEPs is that, in the name of the alliance of Catholics in the Democratic Party against the "common enemy" (the PDL), the newspaper decides not to report objectionable content to the clerics. Unwelcome is by far the Centre's work on secularization consists Cgil New rights and liberal critics, and in its statistical reports (La Sapienza University, Rome) has shown that, despite the ideological pressure, the Italian social custom is being increasingly deviating from the indications from the Vatican (the number of baptisms, marriages Catholics, devolution eight per thousand, etc.). Little of these studies was reported by the national press.

In fact, the spread of anti-modern and the visibility was always hard and opposed the mass mainstream media. There was however a critical dissemination of the contents of the meeting of the activity of the base.

From the Florence exhibition on the 1986 trip of John Paul II in the Netherlands, the picnic of the anticlerical giugno1989 in Fano, the conference on religion in schools in Mantua in 1990, the anticlerical meeting contributed to a number of interesting side events.

Often with the collaboration of the local clubs of "Giordano Bruno" and other associations, meetings were held throughout Italy in a variety of the relationship of knowledge and collaboration born to these meetings and to power to push in the social and urban fabric both the demands of secularism that the objection to the Catholic hierarchy.
So, back to Fano, in March 1991 to discuss the "Church and Eastern Europe, then in Cremona for a" clerical Exodus "of the contents of the meeting, and then in Bologna, April 1, 1995, at the social center level 57, for a conference to present the Millelire "Insult" with Franco Grillini, Walter Siri, Don Ulisse Frassali.

In May of 1997 in Rome takes place at a conference organized by Unicobas school and religious education, the same theme in Macerata, in January 1998. Jesi then, in the preparation of initiatives "against the Jubilee, held a meeting in preparation on various topics (public funding of the Church, issues of political interference). Of "dewojtylizated Zone", after the first of 1984 ... if they take a lot: from Bologna in September 1995 to that of Pescara in 2001 (clerical conference).

In 1997 Cremona held the First Day of Free Thought, organized by the Federation of Anarchist Communists.
In June 2000, again in Fano, held a lecture entitled "The Earth revolves around the sun", which sees the participation of the director Giancarlo Zagni of Bruno's Sarah Fioroni, editor of the editor of "Libertarian," Carlo Ghirardi.
Although the experience of social and political meeting in Fano is already finished, will not cease to Fano local interventions on specific topics, such as that of 14 February 2004 on the Law 40 on artificial insemination, which occupied the regional chronicle: a mini fashion show in fact anti-clerical costume was introduced in a massive Carnival parade, the fliers and thousands of people present with a text by harsh criticism of the Church to interfere in the referendum. Referendum that Cardinal Ruini, president of the Italian Bishops' Conference, wished that Catholics boycott ... thus contradicting the Church's social doctrine itself but indicates that a successful referendum in the form of participatory democracy. But, you know ... is preached good and done evil.

Many of the people who helped create the anti-clerical or who have attended meetings there are now many initiatives in later, more or less radical, more or less continuously, until today.
On February 11, 2006 was held in Rome, the first event "No Vat", issued in coordination with LGBT groups and anti-clerical "Facciamo Breccia" (69), which aims to create a space for contestation visible, with sit-ins, demonstrations, against social policies of the Vatican.

Meanwhile, some Italian secular reality laid the foundations for the activities of the Council for the laity (70). Has expanded the activities of the Union more atheists, agnostics, rationalists, pushing on the pedal and assertive media atheism, in the U.S. called "bright" and manage their very complete and updated site. Was born in the meantime the website "Italialaica, the journal of the Italian laity, "and the blogosphere is populated with lay and clerical pages.
Meanwhile, the Catholics, after the diaspora due to the collapse of the Christian Democrats, are committed to the conquest of space within each coalition politics, always blocking all attempts in parliament to legislate on matters relating to social change more evident: family becomes plural and intercultural, the female body does not want to obey the dictates of the Vatican biopolitics (see Appeals against Law 40/2004 and the prohibition of heterologous fertilization), the ethics of end of life they want a "culture of death "yes, but not in the negative sense argued by the Vatican, but in the positive sense of culture to choose when to die if necessary and do it with serenity and responsibility to avoid unnecessary suffering.

We can only hope for now thet there will be also a renewal of Catholic dissent, already foreshadowed by many at the time of Vatican II, which the philosopher Mary Daly (71) (note his definition of the Pope as "His Invalidity") wrote in his " The Church and the Second Sex ", hoping for a world in which spirituality could exist on the ground, leaving the remains of credulity, and the clergy of the patriarchate.

Francesca Palazzi Arduini


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  3. Napoleon Papini, Italian anarchist animator of Umbria Marche section of the International, the founder of the newspaper "The Hammer", at first mistakenly thought Fano of birth. Following the research of the same circle Papini establish their birth in Fabriano (1856). He was exiled in Argentina, where he died in 1925.
  4. Publishing house founded in Ragusa in the 60s by the anarchist Franco Leggio, who took over the series of political writings and extracts Antaeus, and made these leaflets small and cheap the forerunners of the "Millelire" created with great success by Marcello Baraghini years' 90.
  5. Adele Faccio (1920-2007), a leading exponent of the Radical Party and Member of Parliament, was jailed in 1975 for having declared at a public meeting to have an abortion (Law 194, allowing legal abortion, it is 1978). It was one of the founders of the Green rainbow.
  6. The Second Vatican Council, opened by Pope John XXIII in 1962 and closed by Pope Paul VI in 1965 marked a turning point in the ecumenical Church of the time, reformed the church hierarchy, emphasized the role of the laity, he said surpassed the Latin Mass, and tried to lend an ear to the many calls for reform coming from the lower layers of the hierarchy.
  7. These include the anarchist Comrade Michel Mattioli, among the first to promote the meeting. In the early 80s, the Port of Fano is not a pole fiberglass outboard boats and luxury but makes much of small-scale and craft activities, among which stands out that of the "Calafate, capable of building a boat wood from top to foot. The dawn of the return of the fishermen at the docks have established the custom of drinking "Moretta", a mixture of hot coffee and liqueurs that will infect all the "sea dogs" apprentices to meeting anticlerical.
  8. Donato Romito, historian, teacher, born in Bari, lives in Pesaro. Active in the Federation of Anarchist Communists, known for his political and trade union in the defense of public schools, has contributed to the meeting as a moderator of many debates and as coordinator of the working groups on public school.
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  11. Menu heretic 1999: (from the site In addition to wines (the "Buttiglione" cheapest or the "Madonna of Tears") to love to Khomeini, all'insalata D'Alema, the Watermelon turncoats, it seems fair to say the whole series of first and second fruit of the imagination cooks of the meeting, first of Frederick Sora. All dishes on the menu were actually available. The menu was different each year, illustrated by cartoons. The "workers" and invited to the meeting benefited from a good meal. The first cost about 3 euro today.
    Appetizers: Bruschetta satanic (tomato, garlic, herbs) Crostinus satanas (mushrooms, potatoes, herbs) Fat Friar Pate (blacks beans, onions, carrots) Pate of infidel (beans, legumes, vegetables) Sauce Muslim (hummus - chickpeas and sesame sauce) Sauce bigoted (zucchini, onion).
    First course: Pasta blasphemous (zucchini, cream, milk, garlic, parsley) Pesto Pasta of the sinner (Pesto Genovese) Pasta Hermit (crudaiola with tomato, garlic, onion, basil) Pasta Monsignor Biffi (Bolognese sauce) Pasta San Gennaro (tomato and basil) Pasta integral (carbonara with bacon, egg, parm) Strozzapreti anticlerical (mushrooms, peas, cream, milk), the Jesuit Lasagna (with meat sauce) Lasagna of the Franciscan (vegetarian) Pasta sbattezzata (mussels, with tomato sauce or white) witch Pasta (garlic, chilli, tomato, marjoram, oregano
    and other herbs) Errani Spaghetti Tuna (tuna, tomato, parsley) Rivola Pasta (pasta salad with tomato, basil, capers, olives) Pasta Cardinal Giordano (puttanesca with capers, olives and tomatoes), Pasta Inquisitor (rocket, cream, milk) Buddhist Pasta with ricotta (ricotta, tomato, vegetables) Pasta heretical (roasted vegetables, garlic, onion, red pepper, parsley).
    Seconds with meat or fish: the Roastbeaf mangiaprete (calf) papal Zucchini stuffed peppers of free love (peppers stuffed with meat) Pork Wojtyla (pork chops) Grilled of heretic (pork ribs and sausage) Peppery of young priests (peppery mussels) Unbelievers Cuttlefish (squid stuffed baked) Jervolino Gallina (chicken with vegetables) Vegetarian dishes: caprese salad iconoclast (mozzarella, basil and tomato salad) profane Sisters (potatoes with tomato) Clerical caponata (Sicilian Caponata with vegetables) Schismatics gratin (potato and onion
    gratin) Counter Tomatoes (tomatoes au gratin) Friggione of Padre Pio (tomato, onion) vegetables Giordano Bruno, atheist baked zucchini (courgettes, bread, herbs) Orthodox fritters ricotta (ricotta, flour, eggs, Parmesan, parsley, garlic).
  12. Federation of Anarchist Communists, FDCA, established in October 1985 by merging into one organization now (Anarchist Revolutionary Organization) and UCAT (Union of Anarchist Communists of Tuscany), printing platform, is very active within the union, Public Alternative Libertarian.
  13. The bylaws of the 'Association is dated December 25, 1986 The scholar of ecclesiastical law Gianni Cimbalo had proposed the main articles of the Statute, Saverio Craparo gave the definition and was awarded the status of the first member. The idea of the founders is to return the gesture by Aldo Capitini October 27, 1958, with his letter to the Archbishop of Perugia, which made clear his desire to leave the flock of the baptized. The Declaration of Sbattezzo was launched in those years as an act by the pre-eminence in culture and politics, rejecting
    any form of administration but rather emphasizing the ritual gesture of freedom that takes shape social and public. The chairmanship of the Association is run by me from 1986 until 1996. Since then, the Association did not renew the assignments and was formally dissolved on 2 October 2005.
  14. Pettigiani Alberto, Turin psychologist, author of essays to address transactional psychotherapy, clinical psychology, but also on naturism and vegetarianism. In his essay "The psychological damage of religious education" has analyzed the basis of neurotic religious instinct. The conference was held in Fano November 28, 1986.
  15. Guy Tassinari, then disappeared at the beginning of October 1993, at age 65, was remembered by the press almost exclusively in reference to the commitment he has expended in favor of euthanasia. In fact, his presence in the Italian social and political life was characterized by the active engagement in various civil wars, a total of repressive legislation aimed at overcoming the issues of divorce, abortion, sterilization.
    We remember his commitment to the magazine "ABC", and the inclusion of the Italian population and the inclusion of Italian education for voluntary sterilization.
  16. Gualtiero De Santi, is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Urbino, but is also known for his studies and publications in the theater and film criticism.
  17. Cognin Paul, a university student, now a lawyer involved in the defense of civil and human rights of migrants (Embassy of Rights, Marche).
  18. Early promoters, Patrick Diamond and Ennio Carbone, a combination ... Chemical!
  19. Marcel Lefebvre (1905-1991), archbishop and then apostolic vicar, Suspended divinis since 1976 and excommunicated by Pope John Paul II June 30, 1988. The Vatican conservatives tried to build peace with Lefebvre, claiming that the Second Vatican Council was not a doctrine but a pastoral Council, beginning with the overthrow gradually all the innovative content of the Council. In 1988, Ratzinger himself, then Prefect, treated with Lefebvre to get her to remain obedient to the Pope But the schism takes place also because of the intention to Lefebvre to guarantee himself a following.
  20. "Sbattezzati to unite all of Italy" by Sandro cable gland, the national news for La Repubblica, August 21, 1988: "... The Constitution guarantees the profession of atheism or agnosticism, it is our response to the offensive that it is launching to the clerical meeting of Communion and Liberation in Rimini. The meeting of anticlerical Fano is now a tradition that grows every year. There is attended by young people from all over Italy by any means. They are atheists, agnostics, eater, but even laymen and Catholics. All share a fierce anti-clericalism, fueled by the growing intrusiveness emphasize the organizers of the Church of Wojtyla, a medieval pope who knows very well the state to use modern means of communication. "Another article of cable gland, 20 August 1989, will address participation This edition of five thousand people.
  21. Marina Padovese (1958-1998), anarchist and feminist, author of Women Against War, published by La Zisa, Palermo, in 1996, which crowned its militarist theory, written during years of intense commitment to solidarity with the women of the former Yugoslavia. It has also been an active supporter of the anarchist magazine and in the souls of women in black Mestre. By Paola Mazzarolo, editor of the magazine of the Veneto and Friuli Germinal anarchists, and others claimed to meeting the group of women Observatory on libertarian fundamentalism.
  22. Caterina Bueno (1943-2007), singer, songwriter and researcher. He founded the research and transcript of the tradition of popular song of central Italy. He sang and worked with all the singers of folk music of the '60s and '70s (from Rosa Ballistreri to Daffini Giovanna, Giovanna Marini, Francesco de Gregori ...). He has worked with the institute E. De Martino and was a member of the New Italian songbook.
  23. Franco Leggio (1921-2006) who has linked to the Sicilia anarchist publishing The Torch, known not only for the collection of writings by atheists and anti-clerical "Antaeus" but for years (it is still existing and active) published interesting books and uncomfortable as Homocaust. Nazism and the persecution of homosexuals, by Massimo Consoli, in 1984, which had an extraordinary success. Franco has been actively supporting the Libertarian magazine Sicily, where Pippo Gurrieri often promoted the Association for the sbattezzo and meetings ..
  24. The Berlusconi government has proposed a decree (163/2005) to exempt from municipal property, beyond the already exempted religious buildings, all buildings owned by the Catholic Church. The decree was later withdrawn before it passed the House.
  25. Published by The Torch in 1989, Father Gemelli for the war has made known to the dark side of Agostino Gemelli (1878-1959), founder of the University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, with its fervent activities of fascist and military chaplain.
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  27. Law warmly welcomed by the Catholic Church that operates in the social, because it allows the entry, the so-called horizontal subsidiarity, the Catholic private management of public service at particularly favorable conditions for the negotiations. It will be the encyclical Centesimus annus in 1991 to confirm their intention to take over more and more Catholic powers to manage the social needs: schools, health services. This principle conforms to the attempt to save costs and deliver more profits to stakeholders by becoming the Welfare an exploitable resource, is also enshrined in the Maastricht Treaty of 1992.
  28. The Company of Works, founded by Don Luigi Giussani, who inspired the Communion and Liberation, in 1986, brings together thousands of companies with a view to economic and entrepreneurial organization, the Catholic presence in society. Has repeatedly expressed officially in favor of the center-right government and its members were involved in business investigations of bribery.
  29. Lia Didero, of Roman origin, but adoption of Fano, active in the Federation of Anarchist Communists, is a founding member of the Intercultural Association of New World Pesaro, also supports a series of activities for non-industrial production (purchase solidarity groups) and editor of the libertarian alternative.
  30. "Atheism, secularism, anti-clericalism. Annotated bibliographic guide to free thought and the materialist conception of history, "Mimmo Franzinelli, the first volume," Church, State and Society in Italy "was released and was presented at the meeting in 1990. The second, "From Christ to Wojtyla. Contributions to an unorthodox history of the Church "in 1992, and the third" The priest persecutor "in 1994. The book contains extensive bibliographical guidance of many works of atheist, anti-clerical and secular. Franzinelli used the term
    "secularism" for a secular state "active" in different ways from those who recently use it disparagingly to describe those who advocate a secular they say "aggressive" and tending to the cancellation of any social significance of Churches.
  31. Pietro Cimatti (1929-1991), poet and writer, literary editor of The Fair, he lived in Rome since 1946, has worked with the cultural programs of the RAI. The meeting helped in his Manual of the Antichrist (Ecig, Genoa 1988) and his commentary with a religious solemnity.
  32. Serena Urbani, a Living Theatre actress, entertainer of the Living Theatre in Italy, retrieved the archive of the Living in Paris and left the material transport in Riccione, where it was founded in 1985 specifically an association that will follow the recovery. Committed suicide in 1993, unfortunately the weather all witness the Italian devaluation of human artistic and cultural heritage in our country.
  33. Fabio Santin, artist and designer, editor of the magazine Apart, also known in the anarchist movement for having handled the graphics of the heads of various periodicals and publications. It's the graphics of the logo of the Association for the sbattezzo.
  34. Joyce Salvadori in Lussier, (1912-1998), partisan, writer, translator. He married Emily Lussier and how he played in justice and freedom, and took an active part in the Resistance. Union has been sponsoring the Italian women and has been part of the national executive of the Socialist Party. He translated into Italian for the first turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, he traveled to Kurdistan, Angola, and in many other countries around the world interested in the appreciation of cultural and messages of freedom.
  35. Homocaust, a fundamental text on the persecution of homosexuals by the Nazis, and was later updated the third edition (1991) is indicated by the well-known critic Picture by how even the most reliable on the estimation of homosexual victims of Nazisconcentration camps , thirty accredited according to sources.
  36. Giuditta Tavani Arquati (1830-1867). Historical figure of the struggle for independence from the Papal States. Roman killed in a riot against the government of Pius IX, was devoted to her association, which was abolished in 1925 by fascism and reopened after the War of Liberation.
  37. The Movement Salvemini, based on the principles of secularism and the rule advocated by the liberal socialist historian Gaetano Salvemini, which the animator Cosmo Sallustio Salvemini (then under investigation for involvement in secret Masonic lodges) filed in 1993, his "papacy and Conclave. History of relations with political authority ", published by Teti with a preface by the theologian Hans Küng. In 1991 he presented a paper on "The Catholic question in Italy."
  38. "... The Bishop of Fano, Mario Cecchini, in a letter read Sunday in all churches of the Diocese has expressed" deep sadness "for the" vulgarity and baseness "of the event. The bishop also criticized the City Council Fano which granted public spaces to the organizers of the event. "Sandro cable gland, La Repubblica, August 23, 1991.
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  40. The Cardinal Silvio Oddi (1910-2001), famous for his shock statements such as "The other day, talking about the abolition of the blasphemy I said that after the abortion and divorce, removing the curse is the curse of God fell I thought that Italy had hit rock bottom but I was wrong: the fund had yet to touch you with this decision. It will mean that God will be more generous in curses. "(1992).
  41. Federico Sora, leader of the meeting and "cook anticlerical." Active in the union movement, a researcher of history of anarchist movement, now the controller of the Fano E. Travaglini, where the folders are kept that document the activities of the meeting.
  42. Xavier Feligini, Pesaro Roman by adoption but has lived in Singapore and New York artist on various materials, dedicated to pure collages, executed in tempera on cardboard meeting, silhouettes, vignettes.
  43. Adriano Grazioli, "wandering poet," the original figure of libertarian self-taught in its own media campaign, well known for attending conferences, squares, markets, both in his city, Reggio Emilia, everywhere, bringing with them for years and the original light metal structure exposed as a sign that multi-sided, returns to the texts and phrases anticlerical and inviting people to think for themselves. Different but the figure of Ettore Gagliano, said "the schiaffeggiapreti" too often in the chronicles of the newspapers but for another type of "propaganda", it was his custom to wait for the priests in Piazza Duomo in Milan and take a heavy slap.
  44. Derek Humprhy was the inventor associations for the freedom of life and end the practice of voluntary euthanasia, build for this purpose in 1980, the Hemlock Society. The meeting presented the psychiatrist and gynecologist Giorgio Antonucci Giorgio Conciani known to have suffered from the 70s onwards various imprisonments for his work as a medical abortion.
  45. Released in 1991, with a preface by Giorgio Galli, this book written by Enrique Chia, Joan Frezza, Silvia Tozzi, published by Eleuthera: "In 1589, in Lucca, the" witch "Crezia Mariani is condemned to the stake. Exemplary story of a seemingly unnatural alliance between Catholicism and the Counter is now ready for a renaissance which is forcing even his art medical paradigm of mechanistic science. The blame for Crezia is to cure disease through the use of herbs and formulas propitiatory, and be at the same time, women and illiterate. That occupies "wrongfully" the space that the nascent but already strong medical corporation considers its own. Thus, first with the various sanctions and then by the fires, which are cut short all the traditions of "traditional medicine" without the experience, knowledge and manual skills, and sensory - that contrast with the scientific model now winning within the medical colleges .
  46. On October 1, 1998, after four years of waiting, the Court of Appeal of Ancona says not to proceed on the crime of aggression against the leader of a foreign state "because the prosecution could not be started due to lack of authorization Minister of Justice pursuant to art. 313 C. Fr. For the payment of court costs (defense for me Att. John Flora and Fred Att. Joseph Sorcinelli) activates a special committee, the Committee on September 28.
  47. Guido Caldiron, squads of 2000, manifestolibri, Rome 1993.
  48. Walter Peruzzi, philosophy and history teacher and journalist, he has directed since 1993, the monthly War and Peace. He published the essay Terrelibere Crimes of God has recently published The real Catholicism. Through the texts of the Bible of the Popes, Doctors of the Church, Councils, Rome, 2008 Odradek.
  49. Cesare Frassineti, economist, chairman of Cipax, Interfaith Center for Peace, the promoter of Banca Popolare Etica, published inter alia the view of recent globalization, publishing Cittadella, Assisi, 2000.
  50. Salman Rushdie (1947) Indian writer, a British national, who was forced into exile because of the fatwa, a death sentence against him, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed the release of her book "The Satanic Verses" in 1988. The book's Italian translator, Ettore Capriolo, was attacked and stabbed in 1991, just days after was killed the Japanese translator, Hitoshi Igarashi.
  51. In Millelire will be queued even a hilarious "Self-excommunication", written by Patrick Diamond, where you can make a check on an imaginative list of serious sins, such as "have organized a panel discussion on" Why the Pope has neither mustache or beard and other religious leaders-yes "or" to insert in the frequencies of Radio Maria as ham / amateur anticlerical in the mood for jokes ... .
  52. Italo Mereu (1921-2009) Professor of Legal History, the Italian journalist, known for his fight against the death penalty, he published another history of intolerance in Europe. And punish suspects. Bompiani, Milano, 1979.
  53. Walter Siri, an activist of the Italian Anarchist Federation, one of the founders of the Association for the sbattezzo, has published editions Always ahead of the pamphlet Livorno Without God, without masters, 1997.
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  55. Deserters, Alberto Grossi and Emilio Rossi, ed. Alfazeta, Parma, 1995.
  56. The League of unconventional Freiburg participated with Birgit Wust, Heidrun Baronowsky and other speakers, many anti-clerical meeting with reports on section 166 of the German Criminal Code (insult to religion), the primary school in Germany, the Catholic Church's presence in universities German.
  57. The volumes of the Critical History of the Church were published for the first time in Germany in 1962, and published by the publishing house Erre emme Roberto Massari in 1998 in Italy.
  58. Shura Dumanic, Croatian pacifist, active in the Sunflower River in the center. Known for its activities of building solidarity among women affected by war.
  59. The Movement of Men Home was founded in 1985 by Antonio d'Andrea. He theorized forms of coexistence in which it gives maximum importance to the care and concern for others, and where men are re-elected in the light of feminism, particularly the theories of Carl Lonzi.
  60. Unfaithful Verona, Verona satirical magazine (the journal of the curia is called faithful Verona), active from 1988 until the late 90s. Its leaders have participated several times in meetings.
  61. At this conference I presented the article, which appeared in the magazine in November '98, when I was an analysis of the events of the condemnation proceedings for contempt in John Paul II and recalls that "In Italy, the secular state is considered similar to that of a benevolent Russians for their dog Laika, launched "sympathetically" in space and never come back ... "
  62. Act No. 62, March 10, 2000: Standards for school equality and provisions concerning the right to study and education.
  63. Gianni Grana (1924-2001), writer and university professor, has dedicated over 15 years searching for his invention of God, published by Setup, Rome, 2000-2002 in 5 volumes. Also published by Marzorati, Sei, publishing research, essays on history and literature.
  64. Manifesto against the secular government financing for Catholic schools was published in the pages of the Republic in November 1998. The promoted Giorgio Bocca, a liberal magazine Critic, Enzo March, Alessandro Galante Garrone, Vito Laterza and Paolo Sylos Labini. He collected 25 000 accessions of intellectuals and organizations. Norberto Bobbio a letter critical of the tone "combative" and then in the edition of the manifesto is published in book form of secular Manifesto, edited by Enzo in March and in 1999 for Corrado Ocone Laterza.
  65. Emanuele of the doctor, the far right of the father. Catholic traditionalism and radical right, "This paper aims to observe the soil in which fundamentalism and radicalism of Catholic right converge in the name of tradition. A fundamental point of encounter between the different souls of the traditional European and contemporary Italian (Lega Nord, the Alleanza Nazionale, Forza Nuova - the main mobilizing forces in the country) is embodied in the radical rejection of the multicultural society in favor of a redefinition on the basis of ethnic state borders, the monarchical temptation, theocracies of more or less illuminated ", published by The Torch, Ragusa, 2004.
  66. Chiara Gazzola, editor of the magazine Freely, published Prohibition of childhood. Psychiatry, control, profit. Ed BFS, Pisa 2008.
  67. Capitini Aldo (1899-1968), an important figure of anti-theoretical and non-violent movement. After the Liberation it was excluded from the Constituent Assembly, despite having made a great contribution to anti-because he refused to join political parties.
  68. "In doing so, the Catholic Church obviously does not take any account of who walks away from the faith informally. Commentators such as Corrado Augias argued that statistics on religion should not be based on indigenous religious events, but must instead refer to the results of sociological surveys and opinion polls: which attest to Italy, a lower percentage of Catholics for a 10-17% to that scattered by the ecclesiastical hierarchy. But these positions have proved to be a minority, and the data source of the Vatican continues to be picked up by the media with some irony, however slowly declining. Just to rectify this situation was launched the campaign of "cleaning statistics". A significant number of formal defection from the faith (the so-called "sbattezzi") would, according to the UAAR, produced a decrease in the total number of the faithful flaunted by the Church as the parish would have to account for a decrease, in addition to the dead, even those that they were "sbattezzati.
  69. Coordination We Breccia, formed in 2005, the year following organizes every year the event is an expression of Roman Vat No link between anti-clerical area, LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) and anti-fascist.
  70. The Council for the laity, the first one in Turin in 2005, was the inspiration of liberal critics following the great success of the secular promoted Manifesto in 1998. Present in several Italian cities, promoting conferences and discussions. At the national level are involved in matters relating to legislative activities, the defense of secularism in national institutions. This is different organisms, in composition and activities, according to the composition, currently in Turin, Rome, Trieste, Milan, Pesaro.
  71. Mary Daly (1928-2010), philosopher, theologian, feminist lesbian, has participated as a U.S. observer at Vatican II in 1965, he published his reflections on this in 1968 in The Church and the Second Sex, published in Italy in 1982 by Rizzoli. Editori Riuniti released in 1990 for another work by Daly, Beyond God the Father. Towards a philosophy of women's liberation.

In memory of
Marina Padovese

This dossier is dedicated to the companion Marina Padovese, on the 12th anniversary of her death.
We remember always rebellious and authoritative at the same time amused and tireless partner in meeting the challenge of implementing anti-clerical and in the Association for sbattezzo, it was very serious at the conference table, or draw with expertise banners, or on her motorcycle around the city or ... with her feet soaking in ice watermelons!
The experience of feminist Marina, a fellow anarchist who has actually worked to build bridges between ideas, cultures and places, has seen her travel in the former Yugoslavia, in what no one could imagine, would have been the last years of his life. She wanted to be close to women when tragic and senseless carnage of fighting to preserve a spirit of brotherhood, not only between nations, but also between the sexes ... humanity seemed to have disappeared forever from those territories, and holed up alone in the feeling of horror.
Even in those years Marina has never missed meetings, each time expressing her thoughts on the relationship between women and power, church, religion, fundamentalism and wars, and sent her greetings, although only forcibly phone, even at the last meeting held in Fano, who came to his voice, in June 1998.


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