Rivista Anarchica Online


To 'celebrate' the figure of Pope Ratzinger, issue 318 devotes an in-depth article by Francesca Palazzi Arduini, anti-clericalist par excellence, to the relationship between the catholic church, sex and repression. There are also three theoretical essays on the anarchist struggle for change, by Antonio Cardella, Francesco Codello and Andrea Papi.
In a piece entitled 'if you were the judge', Carlo Oliva discusses a complicated Italian legal case, that of a man found innocent of a crime after spending 15 years imprisoned for it, after various appeals and overturnings of verdicts.
This month's 'Fatti&Misfatti' has a piece by Gianni Sartori on the struggle against the Narmada Valley Development Project in India, while J. Scaltriti remembers anarchist Riccardo Siliprandi, killed by fascists in 1921.
Felice Accame devotes his 'A nous la liberte' to Russian author Ivan Turgenev. And still with those Russians, excerpts from a new publication by Piero Brunello on Tolstoj and anarchism, with writings by Tolstoj himself, Malatesta, Luigi Galleani and Luigi Fabbri.
Marco Pandin reviews 4 discs in 'Musica&Idee', a reissue of work by Caterina Bueno, one by Richard Leo Johnson, one by Erik Friedlander and Roberto Dani, and finally Anti-Society by UK indie group Overground. French Canadian Richard Desjardins is the subject of Alessio Lega's column in this issue.
'Libertarian Review' has a review by Giuseppe Galzerano of 'Les fils de la nuit' a work in French on the Spanish Civil War by Antoine Gimenez, Pina Iudice on Letizia Giarratana's work on popular medicine in Sicily, and Massimo Ortalli and Paolo Finzi draw readers' attentions to the homage devoted by the Istituto di Studi Storici in Messina to Placido La Torre, 'Pagine d'anarchia. Tre Conferenze'. And that man again, Massimo Ortalli devotes this issue's 'Ritratti in piedi' to J.M. Coetzee and Michael Confino.
One single long letter in this month's postbag, a lengthy response by Maria Matteo to last month's letter by Cosimo Scarinzi on the ever-burning issue of the TAV in Valsusa.

by Leslie Ray